5 Dating Tips That Will Dramatically Change Your Love Life

couple drinks tea

We’ve all been there a time or two before. You know, getting fed up with the dating scene because out of all the dinners, drinks, and coffees, no one seems to have made much of an impression on you.

At least, not an impression that would make you want to spend more time with them anyway. Instead of hunkering down in bed with Netflix and a bunch of cats, try these dating tips out for size. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll find your one and only true love, we’re sure you’ll at least find Mr. Right Now.

Search for Love Outside the Bar

Okay so you could meet your dream guy while sipping on your martini, but that is so… Expected? Why not getting out there and doing something fun for a change? Maybe you enjoy running, and there is a themed marathon coming up. Just imagine how cool it could be to tell people you met your partner while dressed up as Frankenstein and they were the Hulk, and you fell in love on the last mile of a marathon? Sweet, right?

Use Your Friends for Help

No one knows you like your friends, so why not enlist them to help you find the person that you should be dating? They know your personality quirks, they understand what is important to you, and they won’t set you up with someone who is totally wrong for it (at least we hope they wouldn’t!). When a friend is setting you up with someone, this means the guy has been vetted and is deemed acceptable to date.

Consider Dating a Friend

We hate that term “friend zone” with a passion. Why? Because when given a chance, dating a friend could turn into something really awesome. Stop for a second and give it some thought. You already know this person. You know you two get along great together otherwise, you wouldn’t be friends, right? Besides, everyone knows that if you want to have a solid relationship, you’ve got to be each other’s friends. So it totally makes sense to date a friend!

Choose the Right Dating Site

Thanks to the internet and online dating, it’s never been easier meeting someone online. Unfortunately, with that comes the caveat of having too many choices available. Before you sign up to just any old dating site, we recommend that you choose a site that is right for you. This means you should think about what kind of relationship you are looking for, the type of person you want to meet, and so on. When you nail that down, then you can sign up for a dating site. After all, you wouldn’t want to join a site that focuses on bringing people together for a quick hookup, when you are interested in settling down.

Remember First Impressions DO Matter

Whenever you go on a first date with someone, of course, it is going to be a little overwhelming. So it is no surprise that you want to make the best out of each moment and make that first few minutes count. Studies suggest that it only takes someone 12 minutes upon a first meeting to decide if they are interested in someone or not. In those first 12 minutes, you should make eye contact, pay attention to what is being said, and smile. These may not seem like they matter much, but it can make a big difference in how you are perceived.
Dating doesn’t have to be an activity that you dread. By following these simple tips, we are sure that you’ll be able to have the love life you’ve been dreaming of. Or, at the very least not dread the very thought of going out with someone new!