5 Types of Online Daters That Will Ruin Your Heart and Trust

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When it comes to life, we all have the understanding that not everyone is going to be kind and not all things will go as planned. There are cruel people who will hurt you on purpose and they lurk everywhere.

The internet is a mix bag as it is incredibly easy for these nefarious people to hide their true intentions. Now keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even try online dating, it just means you should be safe, smart, and always take notice of your surroundings. Here are five types of daters that you will want to keep your guard up and stay clear of.

1. The Catfish

These people are those who present themselves as one person but they are actually someone completely different. They hide themselves behind a different persona and use stolen photographs to create someone new. Many times, these people are insecure and are under the impression that no one would like the real you. This tends to lead to over-compensation and exaggerating their personality.

These people tend to be very attractive (the person they are hiding behind) and they will tell you whatever you want to hear. They’ll avoid meet-ups and video chats, and if they seem too good to be true, they probably are.

2. Addicted to Intimacy Online

These people have one thing on their mind and one thing alone. They won’t tell you that they want a relationship, as that takes too much time and effort. These people will send you risqué pictures right off the bat and expect for on to reciprocate. Sure the first few messages seem decent enough, but when they ask you to meet for a drink and maybe some fun, then you know what’s really up.

3. The Scammer

It takes a particular breed of creep that uses online dating sites to search for vulnerable victims. These scammers are a lot like catfishes, in the way they use fake pictures and profiles to achieve their goals.

However, unlike the catfishes, these scammers do this with the intent of swindling you out of money.

Most of the time, they won’t even go about it in a subtle way—they may come right out with a lie and ask you to wire cash asap.

4. The Player

This person is looking for fun with as many people as they can. They will lead you to believe that they want a relationship, but when in truth they are only saying that to get with you. These people consistently forget details about you or even call you the wrong name. They may even bring up something that they swear you told them, but it was actually something someone said. Their schedule is always busy and you can only get a date with you late at night and they never stay late, as they have to “work early” the next morning. Fortunately, at least they are generally forthright and tell you they don’t want a relationship.

5. They Are Married

People who are already married frequent online sites with the hopes of getting an affair going isn’t an uncommon thing on dating sites. These people may not have a picture on their profile, although they will send one if you request it. Some guys will even be open and say they are married, but they’ll tell you that they are separated or even have an open marriage. Avoid all drama, real or perceived, by avoiding the married man at all costs.