12 Dating Problems Awkward Girls Know All Too Well

confused couple

Some of us are gifted with the ability to know how to talk to someone we like and not sound like a raving lunatic while the rest of us have a hard time forming coherent sentences when we are in the presence of someone we like. Here are 12 problems that awkward girls usually encounter while dating.

1. Reading too far into the things he says. “Is that really a thing?” This phrase is something that many awkward girls may be thinking from time to time when they are talking to their crush. Even when they are texting one another, she often reads and rereads the message for some hidden clue about what he is really thinking.

2. Not sure about even the clearest of signals that indicate his interest in you. Unless they are told, “Hey, I like you. I want to date you. Let’s hang out,” awkward women are pretty oblivious to the subtle gestures that you are into her. If you want to be certain that she knows you like her, forego the subtleties and be forthright. It’ll save both of you a lot of headaches in the future.

3. Being so nervous about the first kiss, you leave before it could even happen. Awkward girls often wonder if and when that glorious first kiss is going to happen. Their stomachs are tied up in knots and they are just on pins and needles. That kind of anxiety — no one has time for. So instead of standing around like a lost lil’ puppy, the awkward girl ends the date, pronto.

4. Not wanting to presume everyone is flirting with you, so you believe no one is flirting. Hey, it’s safer to believe no one is attracted to you than to get your hopes up and feel like everyone secretly wants you… Only to find out no one even knows your name.

5. The more you are attracted to someone, the more nervous and terrified you become.
When people try to tell you to calm down, you find that this only makes you that much more panicked. Oh, it’s such a terrible cycle.

6. That one time you thought a stranger was hitting on you, but when you tried flirting with them, you discovered they had a girlfriend. Oh yes, if that doesn’t leave you feeling like a goof, who knows what will.

7. A complete stranger asks for your number and you are uncertain if you should give it to him or if you are the butt of another cruel joke. How many times has this happened to you in school, only to find out it was a dare or someone’s initiation into some exclusive group for cool kids? No? No one but me? Gee… Great.

8. Wanting to find a reason to touch him, you are secretly feeling him up in your imagination. Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having naughty thoughts about your crush, right? If you can’t rub him down in baby oil in real life, what can’t you do that in your imagination? It seems only fair!

9. Wanting to work “DO YOU LIKE ME??” somewhere into the conversation, but decide to hold it in. Sometimes you just can’t be left in the dark and when you’re in agony wondering if they do or don’t like you…? Oh yeah, it can be brutal. By holding your tongue on the matter, it can feel like you’re going to explode!

10. Being so afraid of the first date awkward silence that you wind up telling a personal story that will surely leave him scarred for life. Whatever you do, make a mental list of stories not to tell while on a first date. So, it’s safe to say that anything that leaves you looking like some kind of psychotic lunatic with erratic behaviors is definitely off the table for discussion.

11. When your friends try to tell you some guy likes you but you are hesitant.
We’ve all had that situation where our friends can clearly tell us that someone is hitting on us, but we just can’t see it and refuse to believe that our friends are correct.

12. Trying to figure out how to casually say goodbye that doesn’t turn you into looking like a weirdo.
Yeah, that whole half-hug and run thing never works out.