Do or Don’t: Should a Woman Make the First Move


If you’re a bold woman who wants to make the first move but is unsure if you should or not, here are some of the top reasons why men do like women who make the first move.

1. Low-pressure woman.

One of the biggest reasons why men love women who make the first move is because it takes the pressure off of them. Some would even wonder if women had to make choices that men usually had to at the beginning of a relationship if the men would be asked out at all. We all know how difficult it can be trying to get over a crush who doesn’t share the same feelings as you do.

2. Shy men love bold women.

Some guys are shy, there is no getting around that, and the very thought of a woman making all the moves can be exactly what it takes to get him out of his shell. These shy men are comfortable with a woman who takes charge and will be more than happy to hand over the reins to her.

3. A confident woman is a sexy woman.

When you go after a man that you are attracted to, that definitely shows the man that you are incredibly confident and that is a big turn on. When you take charge and make the first move, it makes him start to wonder where else you would take charge. Wink Wink.

Regardless of how fantastic and empowered you may feel while making the first move, there are some men who don’t appreciate this boldness; and here are their reasons.

1. It isn’t ladylike.

Men are usually more comfortable with women making the first move in the bedroom, but not when it comes emotional decisions, like who asks whom out or where to go for the first date. If you make the first move, you might feel empowered, but it will probably leave him wondering how many men you’ve been with if you feel so bold.

2. Intimidated and emasculated.

Not only is being asked out by a bolder woman intimidating, it can also be emasculating. Perhaps he was expecting to ask you out or he would be the one to lean in for that first kiss first, when you take the lead, it throws him off his game and he feels lost. While it may seem like a problem a younger man would have, grown men often have this problem as well, and they even pout about it too.

3. He is traditional.

Traditional men are the type of guys who will open the car door for you and ask you out. He believes that the man should be the one that steers the relationship and they make the moves.

These types of men may not be comfortable with the feminist movement, meaning that they were raised by traditional values and they can be hard to let go of.