Why Men Lose Interest

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It seems to be a common occurrence that many men seem to lose interest in a woman after a certain period without any explanation or meaningful excuse for the sudden change in behavior. Many women have been asking themselves why this happens so often and now you can gain some perspective on the male opinion. We discuss why many guys begin to lose interest, how to tell he doesn’t want you anymore and how you could possibly prevent it from happening in your relationship.

Why Do Guys Lose Interest?

Everyone is different and no one guy is going to lose interest for the same reason. Whether it’s something about you, something about him or a change happening in either of your lives there are some things you can’t account for when your man loses interest. However, we have found some of the most common reasons why your man suddenly loses interest, such as:

His Life Has Changed

Sometimes you cannot account for changes that have happened in his life; maybe he has a new job opportunity, wants to go traveling or something has altered in his mind and he needs time to think. Anyone of these changes can cause him to lose interest and not for purely selfish reasons either. It can often be the best way to avoid heartache to cut yourself off from someone early instead of pursuing something that may not last.

He’s Not Ready to Commit

When a guy loses interest suddenly it can be down to the fact he isn’t ready to enter something serious or long-term. Although this can be deeply distressing if you’re fond of the guy in question it is better that you know now than years down the line when you may want different things. The fear of a relationship could cause your date to start ghosting you and alter his behavior towards you as he wants to put the breaks on.

There is Someone Else

This can happen much more if you’re simply at the dating stages of your relationship as there is more opportunity to meet more people. It may turn out that he has met someone who he believes is more compatible with him and has more chemistry with. You should never blame yourself and wonder what you could have done in this situation as it can transpire that you just weren’t right for one another.

He Enjoyed the Chase

Some people simply desire to possess what they can’t have, and that thrill keeps them going. They may pursue you to the ends of the Earth, but when you finally give in they may find they weren’t interested to start with and simply enjoyed the chase.

He’s a Professional Player

You may think you’re able to determine whether a guy is out for one thing or not, but there are some men who’re simply that good at playing the game. A professional player may give you the impression that you’re his entire world, that he is ready to commit and wants nothing more than to watch movies all day with someone he cares about, but that is because he knows how to play women. Once he has gotten what he came for he will lose interest and move onto the next conquest.

How Can You Tell He Isn’t Interested Anymore?

The art of determining people’s emotions and feelings is a nuanced and delicate process which involved understanding people in general and the person you’re dating. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t tell-tale signs that can warn you he has lost interest, such as:

Ghosting on Your Plans. If you have made all these plans to see him again, but he seems distant, vague or simply refuses any suggestions to meet, then he could be losing interest. This is one of the biggest signs as nobody will spend time with someone they don’t want to talk to or engage with, so if your man is ghosting on your plans it could be a sign of losing interest.

Lack of Communication. When he doesn’t respond to your messages or seems blunt when he does reply it could be that he has lost interest in you. Like ghosting on your plans, not communicating with you effectively shows that he doesn’t want to spend time with you or care about you anymore.

Purposefully Angers You. If you find he is constantly trying to wind you up or bring up issues that he knows will make you angry, then he could be showing you a lack of interest. This may be because he is hoping you will break it off if he is purposefully mean towards you, therefore saving himself the hassle of a distraught woman.

What to Do When He Loses Interest

In all honesty, there is not a lot you can do if he has already lost interest and a lot of the time there isn’t much point in trying to maintain his interest. If he is on that path and doesn’t seem to want to engage with you, then there is not a lot you can do at that stage. To get everything out into the open you should honestly discuss your feelings with him and see what he thinks about the relationship. If he cares for you enough he’ll work on it, but if it falls on flat ears, then he isn’t worth the time you’re spending on him.

Nobody wants to think about someone losing interest in them, but don’t take it as an indictment on your personality or appearance. Understand that there are some things you can never change within a relationship and that you weren’t meant to be together. As hard as it is at the time to imagine moving on or not being hurt by the scenario you must always remember that there is someone out there who will appreciate who you are.

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