How to Play Footsie and Get Flirty with Someone You Like

footsie playing under the table

Footsie is a playful way to flirt that has been used for many years. It’s often enjoyed in secret between two people whilst other people are around, as this makes it very fun and mischievous. If you’re thinking about playing footsie with someone you like, make sure that they are willing. You should also ensure that your feet/socks are clean! Let’s take a closer look at how to play footsie.

What does playing footsie mean?

With the internet taking over nearly every element of our lives, including the way we flirt, old-school flirting methods are due a revival. Playing footsie is a great idea if you want to engage in some playful flirting with your partner that’s sure to turn both of you on. You can play footsie if it’s just the two of you, but it’s likely to be even more enjoyable if it’s done secretly whilst you’re around other people. What could be more titillating than enjoying some clandestine foot flirting?!

Does footsie lead to sex?

Playing footsie can range from mild flirting to a sexual come-on, depending on how it is done! So, although footsie can sometimes lead to sex, this isn’t always the case. It can certainly be a hot way to get both of you in the mood, that’s for sure. After all, we all know that feet are an erogenous zone that stimulates sexual arousal. But unless you’ve both got a thing for hooking up in restaurant bathrooms, you’ll need to wait until you’re home before you can enjoy some nookie!

Tips for playing footsie

Tips for playing footsie

If you want to make sure that both you and your partner enjoy playing footsie, and that it’s not just an awkward event that you’ll both make sure never to mention again, read on. We’ve compiled some top tips to help you ensure that this intimate game is fun for you both.

Pick a partner carefully

Your footsie partner should ideally be someone you’ve already flirted with and who has flirted with you. Perhaps it will be your boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone you’ve hooked up with before. If you attempt to play footsie under the table with someone who’s not interested in you, they will probably avoid playing or even verbally ask you to stop. The latter is likely to be extremely embarrassing, particularly if you’re in public. The person you choose should ideally be sitting across from you. Try to gauge how they’re feeling about you before you start playing with feet. If they’re smiling at you or acting in a flirtatious manner, you’re probably OK to begin footsie flirting.

Be as discreet as possible

One of the reasons that footsie is so much fun is that no-one else knows you’re doing it. Imagine being out for dinner with a big group of friends and having a game of secret footsie in a restaurant with someone you really like. Or even at work during a boring business meeting! Discretion is key when it comes to footsie. It’s ideal if the tablecloth is long, and you should be able to reach the other person’s feet underneath the table without accidentally touching other people. You’ll find that footsie is so much easier if you’re wearing shoes that can be slipped off with ease, such as loafers. Shoes or boots with laces will be tricky to remove in a discreet manner.

Initiate contact

When the time comes to initiate contact, take things slowly to start with. Tap their foot very gently and in a playful manner. Then pull your foot away. This should allow you to see their reaction clearly, which will tell you whether to continue or to stop the game. If they pull their feet away, or look annoyed or irritated, do not continue. If they are receptive, tap their foot again and linger for a while. Then pull back and wait for your footsie partner to make a play for your foot! In the event that they fail to notice your attempts to play footsie with them or they simply look confused, you may want to make subtle contact above the table. Wink at them or give them a playful grin. They will soon clock on that it was you giving their feet some flirtatious attention!

Can women start a game of footsie?

Many women assume that footsie can only be initiated by guys, but that’s just not the case. In fact, for many men, there are few things hotter than a girl playing footsie with them under the table. So, next time you’re out to dinner or you’re at work and you feel the urge to get physical with the feet of a guy you really like, don’t hesitate to start up a game of footsie! It’s a great way to flirt with a man and is guaranteed to let him know that you’re into him. Footsie is a sure-fire way to turn a guy on, so don’t embark on this intimate act if this isn’t your intention. If you’re hoping a playful game of footsie with a guy will turn into something more, there’s a good chance that you’ll get your wish! Footsie is certainly not just for guys to initiate, so don’t be afraid to slip off your heels and get friendly with your man’s feet!

The term ‘footsie’ was coined back the 1940s, but we reckon the game was being played well before then! Footsie is a great way to flirt with people you like, whether that’s your partner or someone you’re crushing on at work. This playful act can be a lot of fun for both people and can certainly be a massive turn-on if it’s done right. Hopefully, this article has helped you to know how to play footsy so that it’s as enjoyable as possible for you both!