Dating Moves Guys Pull That Are Complete Fails


Would you believe some men have the gall to try and pull these lame dating moves? Which ones have you encountered?

1. Maybe we can think about being exclusive soon.

When we hear this or something like it, we instantly come to the realization that you’ve been hooking up with other people and you may or may not be stopping soon. Great news! I’m so ready to fall in love now.

2. I’m afraid of how great this is.

This is what men tend to say when they are afraid of commitment or they just don’t want to date you anymore; because, you know… No one deserves to be with a great girlfriend. It’s another kick in the pants when he moves away and marries someone else within a year because you were too great.

3. The timing isn’t right.

Okay, we’ll give you that, December is entirely too cold to go out and have fun. Maybe we can try again next month? Unless that isn’t a good time for you too. In that case, can you please let a girl know when is the “right” time to hook up?

4. I want to be with you, but…

Anything that comes after that is just some sob story that sounds so rehearsed it isn’t even funny. If you really wanted to be with someone, you would make it work no matter what. That’s like saying you want a million dollars but you don’t want to sign the check.

5. I want to keep things how they are right now.

Oh, so you like this awkward limbo that we are in right now? You know, that stage of hanging out, occasionally hooking up but never having a real idea of what’s going on between us. Sure, it’s totally fine we keep things like that.

6. I don’t have enough time to give you the attention you deserve.

So, you have enough time to string me along and mess with my head, but you don’t have the time to treat me like a person you’re interested in? Yeah that’s cool; but, you know what? That’s fine because there are men out there who does have the time to treat me like I deserve to be.

7. What if you just came over and we watch Netflix and chill?

So you just want me to come over, hang out with you in your messy place while we dine on take out and watch some crappy movie? Oh, and we can’t forget that you’re probably going to want to get some action in before the first big action scene. Awesome.

8. I’m not ready for a relationship at the moment.

So if you don’t want to be in a relationship, why are you even wasting my time with this lame business?

9. They won’t text you first, but they will always respond to the messages you send them.

This is a common situation a woman face and then the guys often wonder what they did wrong when you suddenly stop texting them.

10. I’ll be at the bar with my crew until 11, you should stop by.

This is so incredibly lazy. It’s like, “Hey, I’m already here so I may as well invite you out. When you get here, be prepared to meet a few of my drunk friends while you try to decide why you even like me in the first place.”