If the Arguing Stops, Your Relationship May Be in Danger

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If you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t want to argue anymore, your relationship may be on its last legs. Chances are you already have an idea that it’s not going well because the tension is so thick between you and your partner, it is almost hard to breathe.
By the time this has happened to you, there’s probably already been a couple major fights, and the relationship is only one minor tiff away from the ultimate breakup. At this stage, you would assume that when the arguing stops, then things are on their way to getting better.

Not so, and we’re going to tell you the way.

1. Arguing is communicating. It’s possible to have an argument that doesn’t involve hurt feelings, tears, and resentment. Everyone in the relationship needs to be able to discuss their needs and opinions without hurting the other person’s feelings. However, when arguments stop, that means the other person no longer cares about trying to get you to see their side. There’s no way for the other person to understand what needs to be done to make the other person happy. Not arguing in a relationship can be detrimental.

2. Where there is silence, your partner is done with the relationship. One of the biggest problems with arguments that stop is that it’s a sign that your partner no longer cares about the relationship and very well may have given up on you. They know you won’t listen to them and so they don’t even bother wasting their time. Why it’s always a good sign that your relationship is going strong if your partner argues! Granted, it can get tiring, but it also means that they are very much still invested in the relationship and you.

3. When a man feels like a relationship is worth fighting for, he’ll fight. If any attempt to fighting with you has stopped, then it means his feelings are gone, and he hasn’t invested in the relationship anymore. However, if he believes that your relationship is something important to him, either because you’ve been through a lot and he’s determined to make it work, or he isn’t ready to let you out of his life, then he is going to do whatever he can to make you listen to him. With that said, you should do the same.

If ever you feel like your partner isn’t listening to you but you aren’t ready for your relationship to be over, you have to keep fighting for it. If you try to talk to him, and he doesn’t listen or if anytime you try to argue, and it falls flat, you can’t give up. By giving up, you’re signing a death certificate on your relationship.

But, then again maybe you should let the relationship go. You can only fight so much for a relationship to work until it is more trouble than it’s worth.