If Dating Was Like Applying for a Job


If dating was like applying for a job, how successful would you be? We all put our best efforts into selling ourselves as the perfect candidate when it comes to job interviews yet we don’t necessarily put the same effort in when it comes to our relationships. Whilst it is important to be honest, surely when dating it is important to give off the best possible impression of ourselves to any potential partners?

They are very similar

man an woman at the table

Interviewing and dating are perhaps more similar than we realize. Whilst an interview is completely formal and dating is informal, the information we impart is definitely along the same lines. We tell potential employers all about ourselves and when meeting a potential new partner, we often discuss similar topics with them – just switching out the relevance depending on the situation in hand.

We discuss our advantages and disadvantages

man and two woman waiting for interview

During the interview process, we will often discuss the advantages and disadvantages we share. We may be great at public speaking but struggle with writing those words down to say and prefer to freestyle our public speeches. Whilst this may work for some companies and mean you are an instant hire, others may prefer more polished, rehearsed speeches and won’t opt for you in the long run.

The same can be said for dating. The talk will often drift back to previous partners and why the relationships ended. We often build ourselves up about certain aspects of our personality but are also brutally honest about the parts we played in the breakdown of a relationship – a disadvantage could be a lack of trust, always at work. While you don’t want to scare a potential suitor off, these topics always come up for discussion.

We all make mistakes

man who looking for a job

If people claim not to have ever made a mistake, they are lying. Mistakes happen in all aspects of life and both the worlds of work and relationships are no strangers to people making an error at times, whether that is a physical error or a complete error in judgment.

How often have you attended an interview or gone on a date and it has been going brilliantly until one small thing happens which turns it completely on its head and results in the job being offered to someone else or no further dates being arranged? It has happened to all of us, mistakes happen, and it is important not to beat ourselves up about it and instead learn from them.

They play such a big part in our lives

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Another reason why dating is like applying for a job? They form such a big part of our lives. A job interview can make or break you – you may be interviewing for the perfect job – and the same can be said for dating. Who knows whether you are going to meet ‘The One’ on the next date? Both are such big aspects in anyone’s lives, it is important not to discredit either one as being less important than the other.

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