A Guide to Modern Dating

couple with phones

Gone are the days when dates used to be awkward endeavors. Thanks to the new era of technology, modern dating is merely a text of “yo, sup? Wanna meet up?” And it has been working fine for the millennials, despite the opinion of many that the modern dating world has become too shallow. So if you are struggling to keep up with the dating standards on social media, keep reading!

Text Messaging

Communication with your potential dating partner has completely gone over to texting. The benefit of texting is that it is so non-committal and rejection is less of a trauma on a smartphone. If you land someone’s number, you can send out a casual text that goes something like this, “Hey! I had fun last night.” If she replies, great! If not, no worries there are plenty of fish in the sea.

When trying to decide between texting and calling, it depends on the type of person you are trying to date. Some people find that texting is better because they find it more comfortable. While others get impressed when they receive an actual phone call, making you stand out from the crowd. There is no hard and fast rule, so just do what feels right without making yourself look too distant or too desperate.

While landing a date has become super easy through texting, maintaining a relationship has become more complicated. The immediacy of contact requires you to respond promptly. If you respond too late, the person loses interest, but if you respond too soon, the person thinks you are desperate. Finding that perfect balance is like trying to adjust your hot and cold tap for the perfect temperature of water.


A lot of dating gurus will tell you not to reveal too much about yourself on your first date. But thanks to Facebook, you can’t hide anything! If someone is interested in you, chances are they have already done some harmless stalking on your Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. So make sure you clean up your social media before you expose yourself to someone you are interested in.

Sometimes people are oblivious to the stuff they share on their social media. When you post something that is rather emotional, it’s a sign of how heart-broken you are since your last breakup. Be very careful when you share or post something because everything that shows up on someone’s news feeds gives a peek into what’s going on in your life.

Also, don’t overuse social media to land a date. Adding them on Facebook the night you meet them, sending endless messages, following on Instagram, liking every single post and picture is too desperate.
Take it slow and steady.


Since Instagram is all about pictures, it’s the best way to find out about your special someone. Facebook still has a lot of privacy settings and you may not be able to access to everything, but Instagram is much less private. A good way to approach someone you are interested in is by following them and then sending a text, asking about their plans for the weekend.