What to Do When Your Love Interest, or Fling, Wants to Skype?

happy woman with laptop communicates online

What to do when the guy you like wants to Skype, or the girl you just met online says Skype would be better than a phone call?

Well, first of all, it’s a great thing – they want to talk to you! There are things to bear in mind though and they slightly vary depending on the situation.

If you’ve met online and this is the first time you’ll talk consider asking them to meet you in real life instead if you aren’t comfortable with video. Uncomfortable or not, there’s no substitute for a real life date either. Sure, Skype can be the easy solution if you want to figure out if there’s some level of chemistry and you don’t want to “waste time” on a date, but it still isn’t the real thing. A fifteen-minute coffee is usually better. Skype mainly makes sense when you’re living far apart and meeting would require a long journey, or you already know each other and want something a bit more intimate than a phone call.

If you do live far apart from someone you’ve met online and you start chatting a lot, calling and then ending up on Skype, remember that online chemistry is not the same as offline chemistry. The best way of finding out if you’re a fit is to bite the bullet and meet. It’s hard to make that decision before you feel you have enough “evidence” to support it (no one wants to pay $500 to meet someone they hardly know), but the more time you spend together online, the more you fall for a person you don’t actually know. The real person might be better, but if you make up a person that then doesn’t fit the real deal, you might end up so confused when you meet that you don’t like them at first. So Skype a few times, but then meet up!

How do you prepare for an “online date,” or quick coffee, on Skype? The first thing to bear in mind is to plan the call for a moment of the day when you’ve had time to settle down. Running in from work and flinging your laptop open isn’t great. Nor is sitting in a noisy coffee shop – it’s not just the noise that’s distracting; knowing that everyone around you can hear what you’re saying tends to kill the mood too.

Speaking of noisy distractions – ensure the line is working. Hearing echoes and having time delays when speaking doesn’t make for easy conversation.

You want to make sure the light is flattering where you’re sitting too. You will want one or two light sources coming from in front of you, and one from the side. If there’s a strong source of light coming from behind you, you’ll end up being a shadow with a halo.

The best way to find a good spot for sitting chatting on Skype is to phone someone else beforehand and checking what you look like in the light and if the sound’s alright. Of course, you can’t check the sound their side, but doing the homework your side will help.

Many people when speaking on Skype want to see as much of the other person as possible, just like they would on a real date. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to show what you’re wearing, or are keen to get a “tour” of your place. They want a glimpse into your life.

To avoid distractions when on the call, turn off your phone, close your Facebook and stop chewing your sandwich. Otherwise, you’ll appear distracted and uninterested. People, especially those whom you date, want to feel special.

On that note, remember to smile and flirt as well, just as you would on a real date. If you want to be more than friends with another person, you have to flirt. Otherwise, you’ll be written off as friend material. Don’t come on too strong if it’s the first call, but tease, play and challenge them a bit. Give compliments.

People use Skype because it adds visuals (as opposed to just sound over the phone, that is) and that means you should make an effort in the dress department. You can wear your work-out outfit if that’s what you hang out in at home, just make sure it’s your sexiest work-out outfit the day you Skype. After all, what makes a relationship different from a friendship is the attraction and it comes in many layers, including the physical one.

Remember that sitting for hours chatting can be fun, but for a first call, it’s better to keep it brief. Leave them wanting more. And if you feel the conversations starting to come to a halt, tell them you have to do something.

Usually shorter conversations are better on Skype. Unless someone’s willing to meet up with you in real life and spend time with you, you shouldn’t give them the same privileges. Make them eager to see you. Ever so often long conversations are nice, but as a rule: leave them hungry for more.

Lastly, have fun!