Is It possible to Fall in Love at First Sight?


Fall in love at first sight with this helpful advice

We’ve all seen the movie when the guy sees the girl, their eyes lock and they fall in love at first sight. How much we long for that to be us rather than our own disappointing experience of meeting the wrong guy. Well, don’t give up hope. Take control of your love life to understand how to recognize love at first sight and if it is happening to you.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

The first question to ask is if you actually believe in love at first sight and to recognize the signs that it is happening to you. For men, it is a much more common occurrence than for women as men tend to be more visual. Many men and women have reported falling in love at first sight when perhaps it isn’t actually the real deal while others may have experienced it without even realizing it.

Signs you falling in love

If you aren’t sure what falling in love at first sight feels like, or if you worry that you might miss the signs, there are a few dead giveaways to help you to learn when it is happening to you:

• You don’t see anyone else in the room

• You get butterflies in your stomach

• You want to know everything about them

• You can’t stop thinking about that first encounter

• You love everything about them

It almost becomes an obsession with that other person, although it is important that you don’t turn into some crazed stalker and that you try to keep your feelings in check, at least until you discover if those feelings are reciprocated.

It’s not always about looks and physical appearance

In fact, some may argue that falling in love at first sight has nothing to do with looks. It could be seeing someone that triggers something unconscious in us, like a reminder of someone we once knew or that resembles someone that means a lot to us. It could also be a need to be loved or nurtured when we are at a particular point in our lives. When we are at this point someone that is nice and kind and shows us some compassion could easily become the subject of our desires.

Is it love or lust at first sight?

That initial chemistry between two people can often be mistaken for love at first sight but then 3 months later, the fizz has gone and it’s nowhere near as hot as it was when you first met. In fact, many relationships fueled by chemistry don’t go the difference. Love at first sight can often be mistaken for lust at first sight.

How can you fall in love at first sight?

This very much depends on what you are looking for and your state of mind when you are looking for someone. If you are vulnerable, experiencing a need to be loved or feeling lonely, it may make you more susceptible to falling in love or at least feeling like you are falling in love. For those who are more cynical and perhaps harder to impress, it may take a lot more than just seeing someone for the first time. For some people that love at first sight may not be possible and it may take a lot longer to recognize those feelings.

How to deal with feelings of love at first sight

When you experience genuine love at first sight it is pretty hard to miss the signs. You should be able to recognize when it is happening to you. How you approach those feelings is what you need to tackle next. First, you need to understand that the feelings are mutual and to do that you are going to have to take the plunge and ask them out without letting your fears of rejection stand in your way. If they say yes then fantastic and if they say no then you don’t have to go on torturing yourself with the ‘are they into me’ questions.

Love at first sight can happen at any time. Open your mind to the possibilities and put yourself out there. When it happens, you will be ready to understand the signs and how to deal with them. You deserve to be happy so get out there, enjoy yourself and let your very own real-life fairytale happen to you.

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