Toxic Relationships – What are the Signs and Are you in One?

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A loving relationship consists of two people who embrace each other, trust each other and respect each other. It is a Two Way Street when it comes to having a mutual understanding but some relationships can turn sour very quickly. When a relationship becomes toxic it can often prove difficult to see how it happens, when it happens and why it happens and that makes it important to identify the signs of toxic relationship. So, are you in a toxic relationship?

You Are Nervous Around You Partner – One of the characteristics of Toxic Relationship

This is often one of the first signs of a toxic relationship and it stems from one partner being controlling. This does not necessarily mean being physically threatening or violent as it could simply mean that you are afraid to speak your mind or share opinions. You often feel nervous and afraid of how they react and if you find that you often simplify things to make your partner feel smart then this is also another huge indicator.

We know just how smart our bodies are because they often warn us when things are not quite right. It warns you in times of fear and it tells you if you have ate something you shouldn’t have and so, the same warnings can occur if you have a toxic boyfriend or a toxic girlfriend. You might that you vomit from the uneasy feeling or you may get chest pains – whatever the signs are, you shouldn’t ignore them as they are telling you that there is something wrong. However, when you do experience these symptoms if your first thought is your toxic boyfriend or girlfriend then now could be the time to deal with the situation.

What is a Toxic Relationship and How to Deal with a Toxic Partner That You Constantly Fight With

Every relationship experiences its problems but constantly arguing and fighting is not a good sign. The longer a relationship is in place, the more couples learn about each other and the more they understand – this should lead to less fights and arguments. When communication is poor and never gets better than that is toxic because communication is vital for a relationship to thrive.

Some couples like their relationship to be full of drama whereby they gesture with their hands when having a heated discussion or like to scream with each other. However, this is not a bad thing, providing that physical attacks do not occur. Despite this, those people who do behave in this way do have higher divorce rates and so, if your partner likes to get things a little heated then you could find that you are in a relationship that is doomed.

Your Toxic Boyfriend Likes to Keep You for Himself and you Compete

As soon as your partner decides that they want you to cut all ties with your friends and family, this could be the sign that the relationship you are in, is in fact, toxic. When someone attempts to isolate another person in this way, they are attempting to manipulate the relationship and control it by removing all potential interferences.

Perhaps, over time, a scorecard develops whereby, one or both of you are calling on previous wrongdoings from past relationships in order to justify certain actions. Behaving in this way is a way of deflecting the problem while also bringing up guilt and bad feelings from the past in an attempt to make the partner feel as though they are wrong at the moment.

Your Partner Will Not Talk and There is a Constant Power Struggle

A relationship requires those all-important conversations from time to time. However, if your partner refuses to discuss these important issues and topics such as having a baby or purchasing a home or car then you might find that you are in a toxic relationship. This can indicate large problems especially if the partner disappears or removes themselves from the situation for hours or days afterward. This can have a spiraling negative effect because it will eventually make one partner feel as though they cannot discuss important topics with their partner.

A relationship should be neatly balanced and fair for each person but if there are any concerns then this could indicate an issue. A relationship has to remain balanced in order for each partner to understand where the power lies. However, once one partner begins to feel powerless, then this could result in them making up for this by pushing back in an attempt to destabilize their partner and weaken the hold and power that they have.

You Feel as Though it is Not For You

Not every relationship is a bed of roses and not every relationship is going to stand the test of time. In some cases, a relationship will run its course while one person remains committed in order to win it, while the other party is doing all they can to shift the balance in an attempt to sabotage it. If you feel that the relationship is not what it used to be or is not what you expected then these could be the signs of a toxic relationship. A relationship should have a good feeling to it and both parties should be committed to working hard to keep the relationship heading in the right direction. However, if you feel that your partner is merely going through the motions and feel distant, almost as though they are a passenger then they are bringing your down and not making you feel good. Therefore, you should consider whether the relationship is for you.

Identifying what the relationship is, is key

Not every relationship is perfect and every relationship will have its good times and its bad times. However, there is a slight difference between a normal relationship that faces the usual challenges and a relationship that is not heading in the right direction for a number of reasons. Identifying what determines a toxic relationship and whether you are in one can help you to make the decision whether to stay and fight or to walk away and leave it all behind.

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