The Types of Women Men Like the Most


We all have our own idea of the types of women men like the most. We often think that the sexiest type of woman in a man’s eyes is someone with really long legs, great breasts and glossy hair – but that isn’t always the case. Sure, these can be a bonus but what exactly do men like?

A good personality is always required

types of women men like the most

Whilst it can be easy to focus on the physical attributes of a woman, it is just as important to consider what she has going on in her brain too. Confidence is all in the person’s head but it shines physically through the way that person carries themselves and interacts with others. Thus it is super important that women have a good personality.

Whether this means they are great at showing compassion, have the utmost respect for both themselves and others or whether they are just generally kind women, a personality is what makes us unique in our own ways and men find good personalities very attractive in a potential partner.

Sometimes they like to be told what to do

what type of women men like

While some men like to be quite chivalrous and in charge, other men are quite happy to let the woman take the lead. She can be extremely dominant or just a spoiled woman who is used to getting her own way but some men really like this and appreciate a woman who knows her own mind like this. We often ask what do men love the most about women and it is easy to talk about the general things that all men enjoy but it is also important to remember this can be subjective – and sometimes a man just needs to be told what to do by the woman in their life.

It’s all about the symmetry

what type of women men like

Physical attributes aren’t the be all and end all when it comes to a woman’s attractiveness but since first impressions are made via sight, physicality definitely has to come into it somewhere. What kind of body do men like? Symmetrical ones. Research has shown that women need not have the longest legs, the biggest breasts, the glossiest hair – what men are most looking for is symmetry and what’s more, they don’t necessarily know this either!

Why do men like symmetry in a woman’s body so much? This has been debated over for quite some time but many think it is because humans find symmetry beautiful in all aspects of life from the human body to art and more. It may be as simple as our brains are programmed to be attracted to more symmetrical faces too.

It can be hard to completely pin down what type of women men like but these are just some of the attributes, both physically and mentally, that men often find attractive in women. What one man finds attractive may be completely different to another – the topic is very subjective – but some things like a good personality seem to be attractive to all men.

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