The Yoga Date: Is it a Good Idea?

couple doing yoga

Typically, people tend to go to yoga classes to get away from the stress of everyday life – including people. However, when we are looking for people we want to spend our time with, we want to find someone who is relaxed and flexible (in more ways than one), so a yoga class may be a good place to bring a date. When you go out, you will realize that it was a great idea or a bad idea.

The Perks of a Yoga Date Can’t be Denied:

  • After the session, your new partner will associate the awesome feeling afterward with you.
  • The endorphins released will make you more willing to be intimate, more confident, and even more physically attractive.
  • The yoga date is casual enough to make the “just friends” decision if you decide that you don’t feel any chemistry.
  • You don’t have to worry about the “fart” situation later in the relationship.

If you are unsure of how to set it up, you can say something charming like:

“Want to join me at my yoga class; then we can grab a coffee afterward?”

There are some things you should consider when you are planning a yoga date. Suppose you’re a woman, you will want to take your partner to a class with a male instructor and vice versa. Then, show the instructor no signs of attraction at all. That will let your potential partner know you are doing yoga for the health benefits and not for the eye candy – plus it also doesn’t allow your date to ogle the instructor more than you.

Because the date-evening will require no talking, you have to rely on other ways to communicate. That means making and maintaining eye contact, sly grins, and maybe even a wink or two. Oh, and the best part! You get to break the touch barrier without any awkwardness once you go into pairs.

Once the class is over, you can suggest going out to extend the event by getting a drink. You can make your decision based upon the mood after the class. You’ll want to talk about how great you feel, what other physical activities you want to do more, and maybe even suggest taking up another physical activity. You don’t want to end the night on a negative tone, so don’t mention how fat you are feeling, how sore your body is, or that you aren’t very fit.

At any point during your date, you find the conversation has come to a stall; here are some ideas that you can use to drum up a conversation again:

  • Opinions of why spandex isn’t a fashion staple and if you should try to change that.
  • The benefits of dating someone flexible.
  • Should you get intimate right after yoga or get a shower first?
  • If you have to wake up early every day, what would your physical activity of choice be?