Dating Slang Terms that You Need to Know About when Dating

dating slang terms


cute black couple

Cushions are people who you have there for you when you relationship goes wrong. Therefore, they are a “cushion” who can help to soften the blow of a break-up but it is one of those flirting terms that probably prove that if you do have a cushion you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship anyway!


woman in forest

This is one of those new terms you can find on a dating site but it essentially relates to a guy or a girl paying just enough attention to someone so that they can keep the flame burning. It basically means that you leave enough breadcrumbs around should your other interests disappear!


ghost emoji

This brilliant term from the dating dictionary simple means that someone you are dating disappears without a trace. It is their way of telling you that they no longer want to date you.


texting woman

This is a texting terminology which means that a relationship never goes further than the texting stage. Therefore, a textlationship means you are dating someone from behind your phone which is no fun at all.


exit from the tunnel

This is one of those dating terms slang that basically means something similar to ghosting only they disappear gradually over time. They start off as though they are interested then they slowly move away from the conversation and the next thing you know, the conversation is over.

Cuffing Season

winter kiss

This relates to those who are quite content with being single but prefer to have a relationship during the winter months.


question sign

If you are dating someone but feel confused about the whole thing then you ask someone to DTR which means Define The Relationship.


sad soccer player

If someone is avoiding meeting you in person but continuing to chat with you, they are benching you. This means that they are keeping you on the sidelines and on their bench in case their other options do not work for them.


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Remember the term ghosting? Well this is when that someone who was ghosting you comes back and starts to follow you again. Whether that is on social media or just getting in touch. All they are doing is reminding you that they are still about!

Sliding into DMS

surprised girl with phone lying on the bed

If you make the decision to slide into Dms then it means that you are ready to take your flirting to somewhere else that offers privacy. These direct messages are not out there for all to see which gives you the freedom to be more open.

Netflix and Chill

curly woman lyind on the bed

This is one that has been about for some time but has now become more mainstream. It essentially means putting a Netflix film on and basically not watching it because you are….chilling!


blonde woman lying on the bed

This is used for those people who come across as desperate or too eager to get some action!


friends with benefits

Many of us have heard about Friends with Benefits. This relates to two people who are friends but have fun by enjoying casual sex with each other.


in relationship status

We all live our lives through social media so why not let people know when your relationship moves to the next level. FBO simply means Facebook Official and it is when you let all of your Facebook friends know that you have committed.