3 Types of Soulmates

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Soulmates are complicated, more often we think about soulmates the wrong way too. Not all soulmates are the lovey-dovey type.

There are three types of soulmates: two romantic and one non-romantic.

Soulmate #1:

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This soulmate is the romantic kind, but you aren’t meant to be with him forever. This person is part of your life to teach you a few important lessons. These soulmates are going to be the most influential relationships of our lives. They are going to be a source of heartache, they’ll teach us what we do and don’t want in a partner. These are the ones that will make sure you learn all those relationship lessons that you need to learn.

In our first serious relationship, we learned that a great six months, a great year, or even a great few years don’t always ensure a lasting relationship. Love isn’t always going to be enough. You can love a person, and they might love you, but this doesn’t mean you are destined to be together. Your partner is intended to make you better, and your partner should help to make you whole. In fact, we think this person should make you whole, not less. One plus one should not equal one point or two; it should equal three.

Soulmate #2:

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The person who lets you be yourself, the one who will stay with you forever. This person is the one that you’re meant to be with, and they don’t make you feel insecure. They actually make those insecurities go away. They bring out the better parts of you, not amplify the worst. When you and your partner are happy with each other, you get to be yourselves.

They are the ones that make you better, and they let you feel comfortable in all the ways that you haven’t felt since you were a child. This soulmate allows you to be you. You meet one another when you both are ready for love. That expression “timing is everything” has never been more appropriate when it comes to the right person coming into your life.

Soulmate #3:

2 mans play in 'who am i' game

The third type of soulmate is a friend who you feel totally and completely connected to. They are the person that you can share your inner secrets with. They don’t judge you and embrace you for all that you are. There isn’t any romance between you two, nor is there any sex. We all have these great friends in our lives — many of us have experienced them at different times in our lives. Should there be some months or years in between talking to them, it doesn’t matter because you can pick things up where you left off. They are the ones you count on to be there when things aren’t going so well. Sometimes, you may grow apart, but there’ll be something that’ll bring you back together, and you can pick up like no time has ever passed.