Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

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Most of us have been happy for a week at some point or another, thinking we’ve found our dream partner, only to end up disillusioned. So how do you know they’re Mr. or Mrs. Right?

There are different types of attraction. When you first meet someone you usually don’t know why you are attracted to them. It’s important that you slow down and discover why before you end up in a relationship with them – a relationship that may not end up serving you.

Different types, or layers, of attraction simply mean we’re attracted to people for different reasons. You might be attracted to someone because they’re physically fit, or beautiful (to you). That’s one kind of attraction. Another form of attraction is the mind – if you find you have similar interests and are on the same level intellectually with someone, that can be extremely attractive.

Emotions also form part of how attracted we are to someone. Are you emotionally compatible?

Most people are drawn to people who make them feel like they used to feel during childhood. This is why we have relationship patterns and people say we end up dating people who are similar to our parents. This can be good, or bad, depending on what your childhood looked like. Be sure to check if someone is emotionally compatible with you now, or if they’re just a reflection of the people in your childhood.

Most men and women are also drawn to people who are happy about the lives they’re living and confident (not cocky), which in combination with some other attractive traits can make someone really attractive. If they, on top of that, know how to make someone feel special and wanted, that will add to how attracted you are to them.

We’re also attracted to people who want to live a similar life to that we want to live.

Lastly, we’re attracted to people whom we appear to have a genuine connection with. People who seem to see us and understand us, almost without having to try. As if we were made of the same mold, or from the same stuff, as these people.

Why are these different layers of attraction so important? Because if you’re looking for a soulmate, falling for someone just because they make you feel special, or because you’re intellectually attuned, isn’t going to cut it in the long run. Nor is it great if you have some big childhood wound and keep ending up attracted to men/women who will make you relive that wound.

If you’re asking yourself “is he my soulmate” or “is she my soulmate” have a look at the different reasons you feel attracted to someone. Do you honestly believe you have a genuine connection on all levels – from physical attraction to emotional compatibility – or are they just someone you feel a strong level of attraction to on one level or another? Also, very importantly, are they someone moving in the same direction you are? Are they dreaming of a similar life?

Lastly, have a look at the relationship. Some people are great as people, but they’re terrible with relationships. Even if you have an incredible connection with someone, on many different layers, do you really want to be with them unless they’re willing to create an incredible relationship too?

It’s sometimes easy to get swept off your feet too quickly by someone whom you feel initial attraction to as you’re attracted to them on one level, or another. The issue is that you aren’t attracted to them on all levels and soon you will be asking yourself why it doesn’t feel like it used to in the beginning when that one form of attraction blinded you from all other things. That’s why it’s important to take it easy before you let yourself fall for someone.

Soul mates are simply people we’re compatible on most levels and whom we have a mind-blowing connection with. In addition to being a soul mate, someone also has to want a relationship that’s great for it to work though.