First Year Anniversary – Gift Ideas Perfect for Him!

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Reaching the end of the first year is a pretty awesome feeling! The two of you have made it through the first year and can look forward to many more exciting years ahead. However, with that very first milestone, you will be wondering what to get your boyfriend for one year. Of course, there are many gifts out there, some are expensive, others are not but it is not always about spending money. Sometimes, the best ideas are low in cost but show that you have put some serious thought into it, so what’s a good 1-year anniversary gift for a boyfriend?

Take him to a sports event

If your boyfriend is into his sport then there is nothing better than showing him just how much you understand that he does have another passion alongside you. It is ok for him to have this passion in his chosen sport but choosing to take him to a sporting event that appeals to him will leave him amazed. Ok, this might cost money but you can both experience the thrill of seeing a sporting event live and you will get to see just how much enjoyment he gets from it all. He will feel as though you really pay attention to the things he enjoys in life while also showing him that you know him really well. This is one of those ideas that will certainly work for both of you!

Take him back to the first place you met

This is the ultimate in romance but why not take him back to the place you first met. If it was a club, a restaurant, on a train or at work, simply find something that replicates that very moment when your eyes first met. This is a trip down memory lane but reigniting those feelings will send his emotions spiraling out of control and it will show him that you really do appreciate him and the moment you first met. Giving him the chance to jog through his memories will make him realize just why he met you and why he is still with you one year on!

Book a city trip

If you are wondering what to get my boyfriend for our anniversary, then you cannot go wrong with a city trip. You can head abroad if you choose or you can pick a city in your country to visit together. Experiencing a new place together will give you both the chance to make new memories and try something new or perhaps you could head back to the city you first visited together. This is a gift that you can both enjoy together and it will cost you more than your usual gift but it will certainly be worth it because he will appreciate it more than you realize. Waking up in a hotel together, with nothing more to do than to spend time together is the perfect way to help him enjoy your first anniversary.

Do something different

This idea could carry an element of risk but sometimes in a relationship, you just have to push boundaries! Perhaps your boyfriend has mentioned trying a new activity such as bungee jumping, zip wiring or maybe something even more adventurous. If you are looking to give him an anniversary to remember, then you could go ahead and book something different for him. If he has mentioned these things, then you are likely doing the right thing but if you are going to make a decision based on not prior information from him, you might want to play it slightly safer. Choosing to give him the chance to experience something different will make him want you even more because he knows that you want your relationship to keep on moving forward, even if you have to face new things together!

Pamper him

Some men are not into the whole pampering thing but if you think that your boyfriend will appreciate it then you could give him the chance to relax and be pampered. You could go ahead and book a spa day for the both of you or you could simply pamper him at home. This could begin with a morning spent in bed where you shower him in kisses, massages, and breakfast! You could even make sure that he doesn’t have to lift a finger all day long because you want him to know that you appreciate all that he has done for you over the past 12 months.

Make him a playlist

Music has a way of delving deep inside us before pulling a wide range of emotions to the surface. If your boyfriend enjoys his music then you could create a playlist for him and give it to him to listen to while he is in the car, on the train or whenever he wants to think about you. Choose songs that remind him of you, choose songs that remind him of a time you spent together but more importantly make sure he realizes that you have done it to prove just how much you love him.

Just be together

On your anniversary, there is nothing better than just spending time together. This is one of those gift ideas for your boyfriend that will simply work. If you take the day off work, it will show him that you love spending time with him but you can then spend the day doing what he wants. Go for a long walk along the beach, spend time in the park, head to the cinema but more importantly, be alone and in the company of one another.

Embrace the First Anniversary Gift

The most important thing to remember is to not think too much about the gift itself. Having a number of ideas is always a good thing, especially if you know that he will love them. Proving that you want him, enjoy being with him and want to be with him forever can be done through the first-anniversary gift. Sometimes, the simple things work best but regardless of whether you want to head off on a city break or spend time on your own doing nothing at all, get it right and your relationship will go from strength to strength.