How to Avoid Being Put in the Friend Zone


One of the main reasons men are rejected by women is because she only sees him as a friend and nothing more. The primary reason men get trapped into this black hole called the friend zone is because they take too long to show the lady that he is interested in her and that you want to be in a relationship with her.

A lot of men believe that in order to date her, you have to be good friends first and then you can pour your heart out. Romantic movies would lead you to believe that when you do this the women will fall head over heels and confess her love back at him; however, when they do like the movie suggests, the most common answer they’ll get is that they care for the guy a lot, but only as a friend.

Why, only 7% of friends will lead to a happy relationship, meaning that the other 93% are heartbroken.
Here are some ways to stay out of the friend zone and get into the relationship you really want with a woman.

Avoid Becoming Her Friend

One of the easiest ways to avoid being put in the friend zone is by not seeking friendship with a woman you are interested in. During the first few days of the meeting, you can be friendly, but don’t let her treat you as such. This means talk to her once in a while, not every day. During this time, you can drop hints to her letting her know how you truly feel about her.

Keep Your End Goal in Sight

If you are looking to make her your girlfriend, make sure you keep this in mind — especially when you are going to tell her how you feel about her, which you’ll want to do a few days after meeting her. We aren’t saying that you should profess your undying devotion to her, but tell her in an off-hand way, like by saying that you could see yourself hanging out with her more often or that you’d be interested in going out on a date.

Drop Her Hints

For some reason, men pretend that they aren’t interested in someone and they’ll just be aloof around them. This is a big mistake! You want to show her that you’re interested in her and that you want to date her. You can do this by flirting with her, showing interest in her and the things she enjoys. These hints will help keep you out of the friend zone and more into the “potential boyfriend zone.”

Understand The Power of Flirting

Sexual attraction is something that men don’t quite understand the power of. You can use your flirtation to get your foot in the door and once you’ve piqued her interest and have her attention, you can let your flirts become a little naughty. For example, if she wears a particular perfume you like, you can say something like, “I suggest you don’t wear that perfume anymore because I may not be able to keep my hands to myself.” She’ll definitely get the hint and might wear the perfume more just to entice you if she digs you too.