How to Flirt with Your Best Friend

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There are some people in the world who manage to be naturally flirty with just about anyone, with very little effort, and many of us find that an enviable personality trait. Flirting with your best friend can be harmless fun which allows you to hone your skills, especially if you’re both on the dating scene, but there should be some hard and fast rules about the best way to do it. We’ve put together a list of five rules for flirting with your BFF which should be adhered to at all times!

Keep It Light

It’s really easy to go from 0-60 on the flirting speedometer without even realizing it, and you may well overstep some boundaries if you allow yourself to get carried away whilst flirting with your bestie. Make sure you don’t get too serious and things shouldn’t end up getting weird.

Make Sure You’re on the Same Page

Flirting is all well and good, but if they’re not into you, it might just be making them feel awkward. Equally, if they’ve got a partner, they might find it a little bit inappropriate if you’re seemingly making the moves on their partner (even if that’s not really your intention). Make sure you read the situation properly before you hurt anyone’s feelings.

How Do They Feel?

It’s not uncommon for one best friend to secretly be in love with the other, and flirting with them may seem harmless on your end but leading them on might be slightly torturous from their point of view. Unless you’re 1000% certain that they’re totally not into you, we’d keep the flirting to a complete minimum. The last thing you want is to lead them on and make them feel like you want to take things further, when actually you’re not interested at all as this could seriously harm your friendship.

Check Yourself

If you find it easy to flirt with your BFF or find yourself wanting more, it may well be that you have a deeper attraction to them than you realized. Ending up in a loving relationship with someone who’s your best friend may seem like the ideal situation, but remember that not all relationships work out. Is taking it to the next step REALLY worth it if it doesn’t work out? How would you cope without your best friend in your life at all? Make sure you do a lot of thinking before you take the next step.

Up Your Game

Let’s face it, most of us have seen our best friends at their very worst, held their hair back while they nurse a hangover, seen them dealing with heartbreak, and more besides. It’s great to know someone so intimately, but if you’re flirting with them with a view to taking your relationship to the next level then you might want to up your game a bit. Hanging out in your grungiest PJs might not make the best impression, so try to make a little bit more effort when you’re around them if you want to try to take their view of you from BFF to life-partner.