5 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Make a Good Husband (or Not!)

At the beginning of all relationships, women have their fingers crossed and hope that maybe, this time, he will be the ‘one’. However, when the best version of your dating partner ends, you finally start seeing the real them. No one can predict the future, but there are certain things that you can observe in the beginning stages of your relationship that will help you decide if he’s a keeper (or not!).

His Behavior with Other People

Of course, he’s nice to you because he’s trying to score. But how does he treat other people? If he shows respect to his friends, family, and even strangers, then it’s a good indication that he will keep treating you right. It displays that he’s got good manners and a decent character. However, if he’s nice to pretty girls like you only then it’s a red flag. It shows that he’s a total narcissist and only takes an interest in people that feed his ego.

His Attitude Towards Work

If your man has good work ethics and he’s ambitious then that means he will make a strong financial partner, someone who won’t be living off you down the road. However, make sure that he’s not a workaholic either, where he will prioritize his job over everything else. For example, he cancels a date at the last minute because of work, or he’s constantly texting and emailing when he’s with you. On the other hand, dating someone who isn’t ambitious enough and is in and out of work every other month, then that’s a red flag as well.

His Behavior under Stress

If you want to witness someone’s true character, it has to be during a stressful situation. Under stress, people let go of their act and start being themselves. When things get rough, does he start blaming others or does he suck it up? Check for his level of tolerance and patience because these are two things you want in a good husband. A long-lasting relationship requires a lot of compromise and the ability to stick together during hard times.

His Behavior Towards You

A good boyfriend pays attention to what you have to say and supports your interests and decisions. If you find that he’s barely present or downplays your homes and dreams, then it’s an indication that his behavior is very negative.

How Your Relationship Started

The way the two of you started off is also a major indicator if the relationship will last or not. Was he a rebound? Were you a rebound? Did you meet through a friend? Were you dating him before he broke off with his ex-girlfriend? Were you sneaking around behind his ex-wife? During such situations, he might say that he’s planning to leave her and you are the best thing that ever happened to him. But what guarantee is there he won’t do the same to you? However, if the situation is uncomplicated and you met through a friend or he approached you first, then that’s a good start.