20 Things That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

couple behind the paper heart

What is the basis of a strong and successful relationship? Financial stability? Friendship? Communication? Laughter?

These are all things that seem important to a relationship, but if you really want to have a stable and a healthy relationship, you should practice being kind to each other early on.

Kindness means that you’re friendly, generous, and considerate to each other. Studies show that the more someone receives or witnesses acts of kindness, the kinder they will be to others.

Here’re 20 things you can do to make your relationship stronger.

1. Don’t put your partner down.

2. Buy their favorite something — flowers, candy, take-out, whatever!

3. Respect your partner’s view of the world.

4. Laugh together as much as you can.

5. Give them your undivided attention whenever they talk.

6. Ask if your partner needs anything when you run to the store.

7. Make them breakfast in the morning.

8. Think before you speak.

9. Smile when your partner comes home from work.

10. Encourage your partner whenever they are having a rough day.

11. Praise them when they have a good day.

12. Apologize when you make a mistake.

13. Make any limited time, quality time.

14. Take responsibility for anything you say and do.

15. Leave sweet notes for them around the house.

16. Ask for nothing in return when you do something nice.

17. Let your partner have their alone time.

18. Be mindful of what you say when you’re angry.

19. Pick up your chores around the house when your partner doesn’t.

20. Compliment and acknowledge your partner.