Want to Learn How to Be Independent in a Romantic Relationship?

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Independence is a word often thrown around in modern times but it is hard to actually know what it means when it comes to romantic relationships. This article looks at the concept of independence, what it is like, what it is not like, and how we are to define it. If you want to get a better understanding of what it means to be like those independent individuals, or even work out how to date an independent woman or man, read on.

So, where do we start with dating an independent man?

When people say they want to date an independent man, they don’t always know how to define this to their friends. The definition of independence in a relationship comes from the desire for every person to retain their individuality whilst securing a lasting loving bond. To maintain those personal aspects that have made the person you are into interested in you. But maintaining independence in a relationship can be more difficult than it sounds. With regards to men, guys, it is well known that over time you’re likely to become lazy, unaware that you are reliant on your girlfriend to book that appointment at the surgery for you, or separating your light washing from your dark. These are the kinds of things that benefit only yourselves and reliance on a woman suggests that you are regressing to your former days when your mother cared for you. Women don’t want or need this. Retain that charm of super independence that initially struck her and don’t let her down by becoming a shell of a man.

Dating an independent woman however is a different thing

A strong independent woman will never tell you that she’s independent or strong but it can easily be inferred through her qualities, choices and behaviours. Many people would associate independent women with their ability to manage and make their own money. This is a common misconception. It is the very characteristics of an independent woman that make her far less limited than that. Independence can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Factors such as her ability to make quick decisions, planning efficiently and ahead of time and being swift with action, are everyday behaviours that almost go amiss. Yet these are signposts for a person’s independence. Women who are able to set their minds to a task, getting to it and making sure it is complete are capable, independent women, demonstrating their innovation and proactive leadership skills. A real independent woman will make you feel like she’s your boss!

So, how do you deal with an independent girlfriend or boyfriend?

It is important to remember that you should never feel jealous of your partner’s friends. Their independence is what allows them to live their own life while giving your relationship the opportunity to flourish of its own merit. It is true that too much time away from home and more time out partying with friends can cause some tensions, but having conversations about how one another feels and respecting each other’s personal lives is very important. Me time is crucial to the development of one’s inner self and no one should stop anyone from having that.

It is important to be grounded in oneself so that your identity is not lost when you are in a relationship. The worst thing you can do is loose who you are and merge into the identity of another! The upshot is, if dating an independent girl or guy seems like a chore to you then you’re probably not in the right frame of mind to be in a relationship.

There are several signs of an independent woman

If you’re still finding it hard to wrap your head around independence in a relationship, there are indications as to whether or not you are either an independent man, an independent woman or even that you are dating one or the other! Being an independent person, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being an independent woman or that your woman is independent in your romantic relationship. However there are key signs of when she is and this does go for the lads too; not checking each others’ mobile phones or watching out for who and when they are texting; not allowing them to do everything for you and taking back your initiative and being proactive; not financially relying on your partner. These are some indications that you are capable of living your separate life away from your partner. Yet there is the possibility of being too independent. Trying not to look too keen or playing down your feelings, putting your friends first all the time can be detrimental factors to the success of a romantic relationship and you should definitely watch out for these.

But a word of advice. Independence has to come from within and you have to want it. You can’t rely on other people to create it for you and you certainly shouldn’t only rely on your partner whether they are male or female. It is important to show that you’re independent but not to come across as rude, distant or not keen. There is such a thing as being too independent for a relationship and putting those kind of signs out there in a game of hard to get can ultimately push your partner away. Be unapologetically you and don’t forget who you are because this is the purest way of maintaining your independence in a relationship.

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