What is a Truly Romantic Date or Gift?


What is romantic? That’s a great question. And it’s one that each person needs to answer for themselves. However, there are things that most people find romantic, it’s simply a matter of slightly altering it to ensure it suits the person you want to vow with your romantic gifts, or dates.

The first thing to bear in mind is that the most romantic gestures truly are personal. If you are looking to buy someone the perfect gift, or you want to give them a date night they’re remember forever, then you have to make it personal. Themed for the person you want to impress.

For example, you are looking for a romantic gift for your partner. Then ask yourself, what does your partner enjoy? Are they into mountain climbing and the great outdoors, or do they like their local book circle and high heels? Of course, they could like both, but you know your partner, so you know what they like. Find a theme. Then buy different trinkets that allude to that theme. Pop some cards with quotes relating to it into the basket/gift as well. Then wrap it up in an incredible manner (if you don’t know how to wrap a gift, check Pinterest) and add the chocolate and roses (if they fancy those).

You don’t have to buy expensive things to make it romantic. Say your lover loves the ocean. You can pick up sea shells for free. You can add a pair of blue earrings/cufflinks. Three cards with quotes about the ocean/beach. A matching blue handkerchief. Maybe a blue candle. One single white rose. A note from you (this is important – what they want more than anything is your feelings for them). All wrapped up in blues and whites.

Why is it so important to make it personal and not just show up with roses? Because it shows you have listened to them and know them and that you invested time and effort into the gift.

Now, what is romance when it comes to dating?

If you take someone camping in the Grand Canyon and they hate camping, it’s not exactly the romance they’ve dreamed of. So cater it to what they love and then add a personal touch from you as well. A note on their plate at the restaurant, or a little token to make them remember your first date. Something they can keep. Make it simple, but poignant.

Romance and what’s romantic really does vary from person to person, so make it personal – both in that it caters to what they love, and that they see you like them. The personal touch from you.

There are simple touches that help up the romantic vibe as well. For example, if having dinner at home the soft music (and make sure it’s the kind of soft music they like – there’s a difference between Ella Fitzgerald and soft electronic music), the flowers on the table with the matching napkins and candles, the poetic note on their plate, as well as a dinner they can see you put some effort into making, makes a huge difference to serving take-away pizza on a plate. Showing effort and setting the mood is important.

If you don’t have ideas for table decor, or romantic dates, use Pinterest. You will find everything from stay at home spa nights, to starlit dinners on there.

Just dinner and movies can become a lot more fun if you theme it as well – go to a fifties diner then watch a fifties movie. Watch a French movie at home with accompanying French snacks, or why not watch Chocolate whilst munching on gourmet chocolates? Alternatively, you can go to a drive in cinema to add something special. Most of us retort to the same old dates because we like them, but to make it romantic you need to mix it up with other dates and think outside the box from time to time. And it doesn’t require a lot of money – a beach picnic might come out cheaper than dinner and a movie, but it can be a lot more romantic.

In short, romance = something they’ll love + a personal touch from you + a romantic vibe.