How to Apologise to Your Girlfriend

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The fact that you are reading this article is already a very good sign that you are mature and ready enough to apologise, so you are halfway there already. It is so easy to make mistakes and when it comes to relationships, the last thing you would want is to lose your girlfriend over a silly argument. So here is a guide on how to apologise to a girl and the best ways to prove that you are sorry. We will also go over how to prove that you are sorry to a girl that won’t talk to you, and also go over the best ways to say ‘I’m sorry’. Finally, the guidance you need on how to make up with a girl, as once you’ve said you’re sorry it can still be a little awkward. So read on for the tips and inspiration you need to save the relationship you care about.

How to say sorry to a girl you hurt

The last thing you want is an offended girl on your hands, especially if you are the reason she is offended. So here are some tips on how to say sorry to a girl you have hurt, that should stand the test of time. And you may not need all of these but definitely keep some of these tips handy just in case you run into some trouble again later on.

1. Admit to your mistake. Sometimes the simplest of actions can have the greatest of impacts. Just admitting that you were wrong can calm your girlfriend down straight away and make for a better time when talking through the issue.

2. Be sincere. If you are apologising to a girl make sure you have had a chance to calm down and it isn’t obvious that you are doing this for the sake of doing it. Keep it sincere and this will reduce the number of follow-up actions required after an apology.

3. Don’t force forgiveness. Apologising is one thing but if you force forgiveness whilst you are saying sorry you can easily make the matter worse. It will be up to her if she wants to forgive you right away and depending on the severity of your mistake, this can take some time.

4. Apologise as soon as possible! Do not leave it a few days so that she can fester on what has happened. As soon as you realise that it was your fault or that you have offended her then apologise right away! Leaving may cause more problems and add to the tension.

5. Bring a peace offering. This can be something like flowers or food. Bringing a gift can sometimes soften the blow of a heated argument or misunderstanding and as a result, make talking through the issue easier. It is also nice to treat your girlfriend every once in a while and this is a perfect excuse!

6. Ask what you can do. Following on from the last tip, sometimes it is a good idea to ask what you can do to make the situation better. From this, she may suggest some sort of reprimand or justice. This can make both of you feel better as she has been able to resolve an issue and you get to do something for her to make her happier.

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How to say sorry to someone who won’t talk to you

The timeless and best way to say sorry to a girl is through your actions. You can promise everything imaginable to your girlfriend (especially when apologising) but if you do not fulfil these actions then you are far less likely to get through to her. If she won’t talk to you because of what you did or what you said then, first of all, give her a little bit of space. Now do not give too much, do not remove her from your life completely, but just give her some breathing space for a couple of days (dependent on the severity of your mistake). Giving her this time will allow her to gather her thoughts and re-evaluate the situation, as well as ask her friends what they think about the situation. After this little break, that is when you can start implementing those promises you never fulfilled before this argument. She may not respond right away to these actions but just remember that she has noticed them and she will definitely remember them when deciding to forgive you or not. Proving your actions will mean that you truly mean what you say and this, in turn, will stand you in good stead when she is willing to talk to you again.

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How to tell a girl you’re sorry

So you may have messed up and now you want to apologise to her, and that is a very admirable thing to do. Forget your pride and go in with the apology as holding on to this will not help the situation at all. Keep it sincere and sweet as the simple fact that you are admitting to your mistake and being honest will mean much more to her than your actual apology- although an actual apology is still compulsory. Some examples of sentence starters are: “I am sorry I [insert mistake or action] and I understand the way it has made you feel”, “what can I do to make this up to you?” and finally “ I am willing to talk through this as I understand that what I did was wrong, where would you like to start?”. Remembering to keep a cool head during this is difficult but super important. It can be so easy to get overworked during an argument and this can lead to both parties saying things they don’t actually mean, so to avoid that try to remain calm. If she isn’t calm in return do not let this put you off, it may take her a little longer but she will come around. And rest assured that your maturity during this will absolutely be appreciated by her.

How to make up with a girl

Now you have done the hard part of apologising to a girl you now need to navigate getting back to normality and inevitably makeup with a girl. Why not try:

1. Re-introducing any sort of inside jokes you two have. This can re-ignite past fun times and will remind her of the positive moments between the two of you. Or you can try bringing in a new inside joke.

2. Trying not to dwell. Learn from your mistake but do not dwell on what happened as this can make things a little more awkward than they need to be.

3. Right your wrong. If the argument you had with your girlfriend was because you upset her friend then make sure you apologise to the friend as well. This is a perfect way of showing that you are truly sorry about your actions.

4. Make sure you remember your manners. Being courteous and polite should be a given, however, it is especially important to remember it after you two have had a fight. Chances are she will still be a little affected by what happened so she will be sensitive to more things just after an argument.

5. Avoid making the same mistake. This may sound very simple but it is easy to fall back into old habits. Make sure you keep in mind what it is you said or did that offended her and avoid doing that again or even avoid things that may lead to it.

Hope, you’ve found useful tips on recovering from a huge argument with your girlfriend.

To round things up the main thing to remember when apologising to a girl is to remain sincere as this will always be the most successful. A girl wants to know that you are meaning what you are saying so that she knows it is not just to get her off your back. Other successful tactics are following up your words with actions and also bringing her a present as this might smooth things over a bit. Forget your pride in these situations as reconciling with your girlfriend takes priority and doing this will pay off in the long run, and don’t forget to apologise as soon as possible as leaving it too long may put a major spanner in the works. We want to wish you the best of luck with your apology and as long as you follow these tips and guides then you should be okay.

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