Ideal Gifts for Your New Girlfriend, Perfect for Any Occasion

gift for girl

When you get together with someone new, there is always a temptation to try and impress. But if this period coincides with a birthday or New Year/Christmas, you are entering a potential minefield.

The importance of gifting well

The key questions to address are these. ‘How extravagant should I be with my choice of gift?’ ‘Should I buy her anything at all, or simply book a table at my favorite restaurant?’ ‘How about clothes?’ With so many issues to consider, it’s no wonder many guys get it wrong and end up insulting their partner, even when this is the very last thing on their minds.

Make no mistake, your new relationship might not even make it past first base if you make a disastrous assumption and end up presenting an item which, when opened, goes down like the proverbial lead balloon!

Birthday gift ideas for your new girlfriend

birthday gift ideas for new girlfriend

It might sound obvious but it is worth underscoring, you should take great care in considering gifts for new girlfriends. If you have just started dating, you need to strike a subtle balance between something which is going to impress upon her exactly how important you regard this developing relationship, together with the notion it can be so easy to overdo this.

Guys might find it hard to get their heads around the latter possibility. Surely any gift at all is simply making a statement of how amorous you feel towards your new partner? No. If only your love life was that simple. If your present is too ostentatious, it will only convey the impression you haven’t really put much thought into this, and it will almost come across like some kind of bribe. Conversely, something underwhelming will send the signal you aren’t sufficiently into this person to have made an effort.

An example of what could be described as ‘over-gifting,’ might be to bombard her place of work with deliveries of gaudy flower bouquets, or present her with expensive silverware. Jewelry might certainly be appreciated a bit further down the line during your time together, but at this early stage, your girlfriend might quite rightly assume you are jumping way ahead of yourself. Rather than coming across as romantic, your gesture will actually be seen as needy. When your gift ideas for your new girlfriend appear to be boastful rather than thoughtful, you are going to end up sewing serious doubts in her mind.

Where what might be termed ‘under-gifting’ is concerned, this would be potentially even more destructive. The type of pathetic present being referred to here might again be flowers, but instead of a flourishing collection of blooms wrapped in presentation paper with ribbons, the girlfriend receives a bunch of wizened roses purchased from the forecourt of the last garage where you topped up your car’s fuel.

What to get a new girlfriend for her birthday

what gift to buy to a new girlfriend

Given these extensive examples of what not to do about a birthday or Christmas when you are in the early stages of a new relationship, the more pertinent topic for discussion would be, what are nice gifts for girls?

A terrific tip is to personalize your presents. If you are relatively recent as a couple, it would be impossible for you to know that much about her personality, hobbies or interests. But what you could do is have a discreet word with any one of her friends in order to glean some inside information about the type of things she is into. For example, every girl has a favorite type of perfume. Where gifts are concerned, these are certainly successful in treading the fine line between too much and too little.

So find out which particular fragrance is most likely to bring a smile to her face. Buy a modest-sized presentation pack, ensuring it is well wrapped by the professional in the shop, complete with ribbons.

Other gift ideas for a new girlfriend

should I buy gifts to a new girlfriend?

You might also find out that she has a particular writer whose books she adores. In that case, you can make a shortlist of potential titles. The next thing you have to do during your detective work is to determine which of these she has read up to this point. It would be quite possible to do this during your conversations without making it too obvious you are fishing.

Once you are armed with the information you require, head off to your local bookshop and make the purchase. Rather than simply handing this over in the bag you bought it in, take some time to wrap it up with attractive paper, again presenting it with ribbons and a complimentary card.

While it would be very considerate to buy clothing, this is another minefield, of potentially disastrous proportions. How on earth do you gauge which size would be most appropriate for a new girlfriend without running the risk of insulting her? Fashion is something which is unique to every female, so it would be very easy to make a faux pas with your choice, presenting her with handbags or shoes or whatever you think would suit her, but which are actually her worst color preferences.


A modicum of common sense is required in whatever gift you choose to present to your new partner, especially if it’s marking your first birthday or Christmas together. There is an argument that vouchers don’t show much imagination as a present, but there are vouchers for your local hardware store, and there are gift cards for her favorite designer shop, bristling with handbags, shoes, suits, jewelry … you get the picture. Remember the old saying, ‘it’s the thought that counts?’ Well, make your thought count!