Our Top Tips on How to Get Better with Women


Some men seem to have the ability to be able to talk to women with an air of confidence and charm that makes you wish you could do the same. While some women do like a confident man there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. We take a look at how to get better with women and how to attract girls in the first place so that you are more confident when it comes to communicating and getting to know women better.

How to attract women

In the first instance, the dating game starts with attracting women. From meeting in a bar or club to your online dating profile you have to make yourself attractive. This doesn’t just come from looking good but feeling good as well. If you feel good then you will exude an air of confidence. Likewise, when it comes to your dating profile, you need to ensure that you write something that is endearing and draws women to you. Not paragraphs of text about how great you are but a story, something meaningful about what you like and don’t like and what you are looking for. What would make you interested in someone?

How to attract women without talking

Of course, it’s not all about how you look and what you have to say. There are many factors that will make you more attractive to women. Smiling can make you look so much more warm and welcoming. Make sure you smile. Body language is another key factor. Now for some, this comes naturally. Think about your posture – stand tall, shoulders back, don’t cross your arms, don’t make arrogant “hands behind head” gestures either. Your posture and demeanor say a lot about you. The eyes are another key factor – warm, smiley eyes are an attractive feature. Some women will look for very specific things like shiny shoes or white teeth. Make sure you are well groomed and take proper care of yourself.

How to get better at dating

Once you have attracted a woman do you worry about how the first and subsequent dates will go? Are you concerned that you’re not very good at dating? You might be the type to be lost for words and nervous when in a new company. You have to consider that the girl is nervous too and looking for something that is easy and relaxed. The more nervous you are, the more edgy it will make the date. Of course, a certain degree of nerves is understandable but you need to get your words out. Try some breathing techniques, make a mental list of questions to ask to find out more about the person you are dating. Being able to talk to a girl and listen is the part you need to conquer first, once you have mastered this, the rest should be less awkward.

Don’t try and be someone you aren’t if you want to get better with women. It is a hard pretense to keep up and it’s not very attractive. Be yourself but the best version of yourself. Ask them about themselves and really take the time to listen to the answers. Also, consider that there are women who still like to be romanced. While they like equality there is something to be said for a man that opens a car door or offers to pay for the meal. Manners and chivalry cost nothing. Don’t be arrogant or too self-assured as this can often be a big turn off, especially if it’s not who you really are. Don’t try too hard either, this is a sure-fire way to put someone off.

Dating without getting your feelings hurt

If you go on a date and you think it’s going well but she doesn’t return your calls then don’t be hurt by this. It’s not going to be the same with every girl. You just need to get back on the horse and try again. One bad date doesn’t mean that the next one is going to go the same way. Think of it as a practice date for when you meet the right one.

How to communicate with women

If you are looking at how to get better at dating and want to know how to attract girls, then, first of all, you need to know how to communicate. This doesn’t mean overloading them with cheesy chat up lines and expecting them to fall at your feet or gushing with compliments either. It’s also not going to work if you expect them to do all the chasing. If you want to get better at dating then you are going to need to learn how to communicate effectively.

How to communicate effectively

Communicating effectively is a key skill that comes naturally to some but not so to others. In order to be able to communicate effectively, first of all, you are going to need to not only be able to talk confidently but also to listen! Listening is a key skill that is not practiced enough and for men especially it is important to listen more than you speak. Constantly interrupting and talking over your date is going to cause frustration and leave her very unlikely to want a second date. Ask her questions about herself and listen to the answers. Also look at her when she is talking to you. Don’t start messaging on your phone or looking around the room. Listen properly! Listening is the key to effective communication. Other tips include not messaging her too much but making sure you message to let her know you had a good time or that you are thinking about her (just not every hour).

If you want to get better at dating and master the art of how to attract females then you need to remember the following:

• Listening is the key to effective communication

• Be more confident in yourself

• Smile and consider your body language

• Make sure you are well presented

• Be a gentleman and open doors

• Don’t overwhelm her with compliments – just a few well-placed ones

• Don’t become a stalker by messaging her too much but make sure you message now and again

• Don’t give up if the first date doesn’t work out

Most of all try and enjoy the dating experience. The more relaxed and happy you are, the better the date or dates will turn out and you will soon master how to be more attractive to women.

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