Beware of These 5 Lies All Women Tell Men


We won’t lie to you, women do lie to you guys on some things. It’s not because we intend on deceiving you, we just don’t want to hurt your feelings and sometimes we need an ego boost.

Don’t worry, though, we are prepared to clue you in on what these lies are and how you can best answer them. Hey, think of this as the ultimate cheat sheet!

Lie 1. Give me your honest opinion…

When we ask this, we really don’t want your opinion — we want you to tell us what we want to hear.

Yeah, it’s confusing… Sorry about that. We like to think we can handle the truth, but in reality, we are far from ready so one way to avoid hurting our feelings, just go with your gut feeling and tell us what you know we want to hear.

Lie 2. I’m Fine… Really.

Nope. We are most definitely not okay. We like to pretend that we can handle whatever life has thrown us, but in reality, we are crushed by whatever it is and we are working really hard to keep it together.

Instead of letting it go when we say that we are fine, don’t press us to talk about it. Simply be there and show that you are concerned. You’ll get brownie points if you just wrap us in your arms and hold us tight while we slowly let that façade crumble and we soak your shoulder with our salty tears.

Lie 3. I’ve had X-amount of sexual partners.

Women cannot embrace their sexuality and because of that, we feel like we have to lie about how many sexual partners we’ve been with. We know that there is a threshold that crosses the line and makes us look “easy” so we often subtract a few people from our partner list. Instead of badgering us and insisting that number is higher than we say, just accept that we’ve had the past, just like you and leave it at that.

Lie 4. That was fantastic, you totally got me off.

Uh, yeah. Sorry to say, fellas, for a lot of women, we have to fake it—not for our benefit but for your delicate egos. You guys can’t seem to understand that we don’t get off as easily as you do and no matter how much you try, sometimes it just will not happen. We don’t hold it against you, so you shouldn’t badger us and ask us what you did wrong. Heck, the intimacy could still be great. You just didn’t finish the job. It’s okay — just as long as you are ready to spoon.

Lie 5. I love watching sports with you!

Eh, some of us really do love sports, while many of us could do without it. Just let us join in and watch with you. We only endure the games so we could be closer to you, so be appreciative when we pretend to totally get into the game. We do it for you!