10 Unique Ways to Ask a Girl Out on a Date


Whatever people say, love is a condition that no one is immune from. We are all susceptible to falling in love and as crazy as love makes us, it is a glorious feeling that we all crave. So, how do you go about getting Cupid to work his magic on you and that girl that you’ve got your eye on?

Let’s face it, although you may be a great guy and she may be the girl of your dreams, it can be a little intimidating trying to work up the nerve and ask her out on a date. The movies make it look so easy but in reality? It’s rarely (if ever) that simple, especially if you don’t have a plan of action.

Fortunately, we’ve got 10 unique ideas of how you can ask a girl out on a date that will most likely sweep her off her feet; or, at the very least spark her interest.

1. Ask her out a la movie-style.

If there is anything that these romantic movies have taught is that if you follow their lead, you could find yourself on a date with your crush—especially if she doesn’t know the movie you’re “drawing inspiration” from.

2. Make her sing it.

This only works if you’re already at a karaoke bar or where you’re participating in karaoke. All you have to do is mess with the lyrics and sing a duet together. When your part of the song comes up, you’ll be singing the “will you go out with me” and she will be responding with the lyrics that basically say “yes.”

3. Ask her via “UP” — Balloons Galore!

If either of you are Disney fans and UP happens to be a favorite, then this option is a surefire in. However you decide to use the balloons, you can be sure it’ll work every time.

4. Create a pirate themed invitation.

Life is an adventure and you can give her a treasure chest filled with items for a scavenger hunt. Tell her you’ll be your compass and you’d be happy to share the booty with her. Double meanings for the win!

5. Having her favorite book/poem/or song asks her out for you.

Circle the words from a page of her favorite book, poem, or song. When she reads the circled words, she’ll know that you want to go out with her, but that you also take notice of the things she likes. She’ll appreciate this gesture and be willing to go out with you. Just keep in mind not to use the actual book she owns. Perhaps find a used copy from a bargain store or something of the like.

6. Create a trail of love to brings her to you.

There is something incredibly romantic about following a trail of candles, rose petals, paper hearts, or other romantic things (again, you could do this with balloons via #3). Along the trail, you could ask her out on the date, and at the end of the said trail, it will lead her right to you so that she can say yes directly.

7. Use technology to hack your way into her heart.

When she isn’t looking, nab her phone and change your contact name to “Will you go out with me” or “will you be my girlfriend?” and then give her a call later. If she doesn’t already have your picture saved with your information, you can include your photo so she knows who is calling.

8. Appeal to her sweet tooth and use sweets to ask her out.

If she loves cake, you can get her favorite kind of cake and ask the person in the bakery to write your proposal on the cake in icing. Or, if she is more of a pizza kind of girl, you could try and ask the pizzeria to spell it out in her favorite toppings.

9. Shower her with love letters.

Forget technology and send her a romantic letter and convey your feelings for her. Extra points if you go all out and hand deliver it.

10. Make her lift her answer.

Knock on her door and there she will find you with a card that asks if she will go out with you, and she has to lift her answer. On the ground by your feet, there will be a light pebble for a yes and a heavy brick for no. Which do you think she’ll be picking up?