Things You Should Know Before You Date a Feminist

drinking couple

Dating a feminist might seem like a bad idea, but when you know what you’re getting into, you can be certain you’re dating an amazing person.

1. You’re going to look at media in a whole new light.

You may have a favorite movie but never noticed how sexist it was. That will change the moment you date a feminist because she will happily tell you how it is offensive to women. You’ll be surprised by how much of the media we consume has a sexist slant.

2. You may not identify as a feminist now, but if you want to decide if you truly are before dating one.

Here’s a simple question to decide if you truly are a feminist… Do you feel like a woman should be compensated when she does same work that a man does? If you answered yes, then you can consider yourself a feminist!

3. You aren’t going to offend her if you pay for her coffee and she is a feminist.

You aren’t going to get yelled at by a feminist if you offer to buy her a coffee. You’d be surprised by how many men feel like a great guy for buying a drink, but when it comes down to it, a $2 cup of Joe isn’t going to offend anyone.

4. Know a little bit of women’s history.

If you want to date a feminist, it might help if you know a bit of the women’s rights movement and some of the struggles women currently face today. Or, you know, don’t change the channel when a girl power song comes on the radio.

5. Don’t try to be funny with that “Do you hate men?” joke.

It’s been heard before. You’d be surprised by how many men think they are being funny when they ask a feminist if she hates all men. You might be surprised when she answers: “Yes, especially jerks like you.”

6. She is entitled to orgasm just as much as you are.

Intimacy should be a mutual thing and if you’re good in bed, this isn’t going to be a problem for you. However, if you aren’t… Well, you’re going to be there a while because some women refuse to leave until they’ve gotten off too.

7. It’s okay if you hold the door open for her.

However, you shouldn’t be surprised if she will hold the door open for you.

8. She will debate anyone she meets who claims they aren’t a feminist or spouts anti-feminist rhetoric.

It doesn’t matter who she is meeting, it could be your friends, your boss, coworkers, or even your parents and she will have an in-depth discussion about feminism and why they feel the way they do. Bigotry should never be accepted, regardless of gender.

9. You better be aware of what male privilege is and that you have it.

You don’t have to look over your shoulder walking home at night. You don’t have to worry about getting equal pay for the work you do, you don’t have to fight for what you can and cannot do to your body. To say there is no male privilege is ridiculous.

10. If you believe we are all equal and feminism is pointless, you should keep walking.

Do you live in a cave where there is no internet or newspaper access? Seriously?