What Men Prefer In Women. Simple Truth


Men can be strange creatures to work out. Just when you think you have them all figured out, everything gets confused again. One of the most baffling things known to woman is what men prefer in women – as soon as you think you know, the goal posts can easily be changed again. So what exactly are men looking for?

Intelligence is important

Research has shown that what men love about women is their intelligence. It is easy to think that men are simply interested in women for their physical features but this simply isn’t true in most men’s cases. They want their women to have brains too – in fact, it is the most attractive quality in a potential long-term partner. This also helps demonstrate that the women could potentially be a responsible parent.

Be confident and show respect

Other things men like include confidence and respect. A woman who knows her own worth and can look past her own flaws is very attractive to a man as it also means they can see past his. A woman being content in a relationship can be so much more refreshing than being with someone who is constantly worrying about her looks, her figure and other things.

Respect is not a given, it is earned and it is important to be respectful. Showing respect for yourself and others is key for building the foundations of a relationship, no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is always rude and horrible to others.

Show compassion

What do men want in a woman apart from confidence, respect and intelligence? Compassion. Showing concern for the feelings and fate of other people is a good personality trait and shows to a potential mate that you would be someone good to have a family with.

Be a good listener

Sometimes a man just wants to talk. When we talk about what women love about men, a good listener is always high up on the list and sometimes that is all a man wants to – someone he can talk to about his day, about his concerns, about life in general.

Be surprising

Sometimes the unexpected can be so much more attractive. Men love to be surprised so being spontaneous and doing something totally unexpected will often go down well. Humans can be creatures of habit but it can be fun to break that habit every now and again and try something different – it could also potentially make you more attractive to the man in your life too!

Have some ambition

The final thing men prefer in women is a woman who shows some ambition, who has a sense of accomplishment and achievement. A woman who enjoys what she does and always strives to better herself can be very attractive to a man as it shows that she doesn’t like to give up easily and is prepared to work hard at things – relationships can be extremely hard work so this is a great quality to have.