5 Types of Women to Avoid

woman trying to kiss man

When it comes to dating, there are some women who are right for you and some that aren’t. The goal is to land someone that you can have a pleasant time with, no matter if it’s casual or serious. The best way to start filtering the pool of women that are available is by figuring out which women to avoid.

1. The Diva

For a successful relationship, you obviously want to engage with someone who not only has a smoking body, but also challenges you intellectually and knows how to speak her mind. But the diva is more than an intellectual. She is the smart-ass; know it all who responds to everything with an attitude and tone that suggests that you are beneath her. She is often sarcastic and she feels that sarcasm is her idea of humor. Definitely, avoid divas!

2. The Gold Digger

Yes, all relationships require you to spend a little money on flowers, small gifts and such. But if you find yourself going broke, then maybe it’s time you step back and rethink your relationship. A weekend getaway, picking up the bill after dinner or paying at the movies is ok, but make sure your lady friend is enjoying you rather than your money. The gold digger will start off by suggesting expensive restaurants, then she will make you pay for her new dress and before you know it you will be paying her electricity bill as well. She will blind you with her seductiveness, so definitely avoid the gold diggers!

3. Ms. Always Right

No, we are not talking about Ms. Right, rather someone who thinks that she’s always right about everything. She may have a lot of qualities and would probably make the perfect partner, if not for her stubbornness to be always right. The Ms. Always Right will want you to agree with everything she has to say and if not, there’s hell to pay. So cut the drama and avoid Ms. Always Right!

4. The Obsessed

This is probably the worst type, also known as the psycho. The obsessed women will constantly text and call and she wants to know your every move every hour of the day. She also expects you to be the psycho one as well and gets upset when you don’t call or text back. She will take over your life and will wipe away any inch of personal space you may have. The obsessed are sometimes attractive because they put you on a pedestal and their love might seem so pure. However, you will soon start suffocating, so avoid the psychos!

5. The Rebound

This is the hardest one to detect because when you are a rebound for a woman, she will come on you hot and heavy. You will find yourself falling for this enticing woman, only to find out that she was just using you to get over her ex-boyfriend that broke her heart. Then she will find the perfect excuses to get rid of you. Either you won’t be giving her enough time or you are not doing anything right. So it’s better to remove yourself with dignity and avoid being the rebound!