How to Compliment a Woman

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The best way to compliment a woman

There is an artwhen it comes to complimenting women and it’s not just about what you say. It’salso largely to do with how you say it and when. A well-meaning and well-timedcompliment can say a lot about how a guy feels about a girl. If you want tolearn how to compliment a woman without sounding cheesy or false, then we havesome top tips to help you.

The sweet things to say to a woman

There are many things that you can say to a woman to make her feel good but only say it if you mean it. If she looks great then tell her she looks great, perhaps pick up on something in particular that makes her look great. It’s easy to say to someone that they look good but often can be viewed as a lot more genuine when you say something specific. ‘Your bum looks great in that dress’ or ‘the colour really brings out your eyes’ are good examples of well-placed compliments.

Focus on the parts of herself she doesn’t like

If a woman thinks she has a large bottom or she doesn’t like a particular part of herself and you think it looks great then focus your compliment around that particular area. If she worries that her outfit will make her bum look large and you don’t think it does, then compliment her by telling her that the jeans she is wearing make her bum look great.

Don’t be false with your compliments

Don’t lie to her. If you tell her something that she really doesn’t believe herself, then she is only going to doubt you so don’t make compliments just for the sake of it. If it’s not true then don’t say it. A relationship should be built on trust and if she doesn’t trust you because your compliments are hollow then you are going to do a lot more harm than good. Don’t just give her a girl a compliment just because you feel you should.

It’s all about the timing

If you go in for the kill with a great compliment just as you are about to get down to business then you need to make sure that she isn’t going to view it as you just trying to get her into bed. This is an epic fail. Instead, surprise her with your compliments. Send her a random text to tell her that you think she’s beautiful or tell her something nice when she is least expecting it. Perhaps you can send her a message telling her that you can’t wait to see her gorgeous face.

Dispense with the cheese

There are some compliments that are just so cheesy that you should never say them. Those clichéd one-liners are just so contrived and are more likely to end up with you getting a slap or a disapproving look. Whatever your laddish mates advise you, or whatever you have read in your copy of ‘the world’s greatest chat up lines’, are just things that you shouldn’t say. Keep it genuine. If her hair looks great then tell her or if she looks stunning in that dress then she needs your compliments exactly that.

The one word compliments

One word compliments are a much safer option if you are a man of few words or you just don’t know what to say. If she looks mind-blowingly good then something like “stunning” is enough. Perhaps you are commenting on a photo of her on Instagram or Snapchat. One word is all that is needed. Sometimes it’s these comments that mean the most. If you are commenting on her social media for all of her friends to see then you are definitely onto a winner.

It doesn’t have to be compliments about the way she looks

All too often you can think of complimenting a woman on the way she looks and not the way she acts. Is she funny? Then tell her that she’s hilarious. If she is kind and thoughtful then tell her. Perhaps she has achieved something impressive like finishing a race or getting a promotion. Tell her that you admire her or that you’re impressed. Compliment her on the things she does and not just how she looks.

But don’t overdo it with the compliments

This can often have the same effect as not complimenting her at all. If you are always complimenting her she can either think you are ‘too nice’ or that you are being false with your praise. Women don’t need to hear compliments every five minutes, just when they are earned or deserved. If has made an extra special effort for an occasion or she looks particularly good one day then tell her. Women like to hear nice things, just not every time they see you.

While it may all seem like hard work, just remember that nothing worth having comes easy. You have to work at winning the trust and respect of a girl and while they may be all cool and confident and don’t appear like the sort who needs a compliment, that doesn’t mean it’s not nice to hear them from time to time. The saying goes that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” and all too often it can feel like that, especially when it comes to complimenting a girl. The wrong compliment at the wrong time can have a more negative impact than saying nothing at all but if you get it right then it will stand you in good stead and mean the world to her. Go ahead and try it next time you see her.