Learn How to Make a Girl Happy: the Key to a Strong Relationship

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The problem with that age-old question of how to get a girl happy is that while this might seem obvious the truth can be more elusive. When guys just assume they know how to make a girl happy, usually based around what makes them feel good, the consequences can be negative! So what are the definitive answers?

What makes a girl happy: sharing

One of the actions that will go a long way towards making a girl happy is to demonstrate an interest in the things that matter to her, especially if these are subjects you might not be so keen on yourself. Does she have a particular hobby that actually bores you to tears? No matter what this is, whether it’s an interest in cake baking or a love of that band you secretly can’t stand, putting on a brave face and embracing her passions is one of the best ways to make a girl happy. If you buy surprise tickets for a gig just to see a smile lighting up her face you’ll accumulate so many bonus points!

What things make a girl happy? Get domesticated!

So you’ve had a hard day at work and just want to put your feet up? Before getting settled think of what you could do around the home. Of all the things to make a girl happy, ensuring you do your fair share of the housework is high on the list. Despite today’s gender equality, where it’s no longer seen as a solely female prerogative to look after domestic affairs, males sometimes still need a bit of nudging. You might not notice a room needs tidying but your partner most certainly will. So be more proactive when it comes helping out.

What makes a girl happy in a relationship? Pay attention

How do you make a girl happy when you’re in conversation? It’s really quite simple. You listen to what she is telling you. You need to appreciate the difference between her chatting about something with you, and actually explaining something she’d like you to do. Too often guys get into the habit of focusing on what’s important to them, while zoning out when matters are being discussed which they find less interesting. So things that make a girl happy include the straightforward task of paying attention, and acting on something she has requested. If you need a reminder after having agreed an action, jot it down somewhere. Most of us are never too far away from our phones, so use your notes field, or set a reminder.

Gifts are wonderful ways to make a girl happy

If you want to know what makes a girl happy like few other things in life, think of what she loves to do with her friends. Much as you might loathe being dragged around on shopping trips, girls love a spot of retail therapy, especially when combined with stopping off at a convenient restaurant or wine bar. But what she will appreciate even more than going out to purchase things is if you surprise her with something you’ve bought yourself. Never settle for gift vouchers or, even worse, cash. It’s important to appear to have put some thought into your present. If you’re not sure what she’d like, just have a quiet word with her friends or a sibling. Check out what she’s been noseying at on Amazon. Also, don’t just do this once and be content to settle back and bask in her praise. Make a habit of it, and it doesn’t have to be cantered on birthdays or anniversaries. What to do to make a girl happy? Be spontaneous at all times!

Ways to make a girl happy through text: be provocative

Texts can become very matter-of-fact. Sometimes we can’t even be bothered composing messages and simply send an emoji. But if you want to know how to make a girl happy with words, try and be a bit more creative. This is where you can get your thumbs working some mischief. Get suggestive. After she responds become even more flirtatious. Sexting is guaranteed to get her grinning with anticipation.

Ways to make a girl happy without money: embrace her social circle

Forget splashing out on extravagant gestures. Things that make a girl happy are often more basic. If you make an effort to get on with her friends, even if there are one or two you find irritating, you’ll go up in her esteem no end.

Cute and sweet things to say to make a girl happy

An unfortunate aspect of becoming really comfortable in a long-term relationship is taking one another for granted. Even lovemaking can become a habit. Do you want to know how to make a girl happy again in the bedroom? Never assume you know everything there is to know about her preferences. She’ll be delighted if you talk about her secret desires openly.

Things to say to make a girl happy should often be focused on her longer-term aspirations. Nothing will bring a smile to her face more than you talking about commitment, whether that’s moving in together, next year’s holiday or perhaps even where your dream honeymoon location might be.

Finally, no girl can resist a heartfelt compliment. Of all the words to make a girl happy, the straightforward declaration you’ve noticed her make-up, her new outfit, the way she has styled her hair, the scent of her perfume, her gym figure, or anything else you care to think of, will make her feel a glow inside. Guys aren’t always known for their perception when it comes to the subtle things women love about their appearance so if you can demonstrate you have not only noticed, but you love it too, she’ll be overjoyed.

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