How to Recognise and Cope with a High Maintenance Woman

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Most men want a woman that takes good care of herself, that looks good on their arm and that cares about their appearance. If she takes pride in her appearance, how she looks and what she is wearing then this is a good thing… most of the time. It is when it becomes obsessive that it can be hard to handle. It’s not just about appearance either. High maintenance women can also have high expectations of the world around them from the service they receive in the local coffee shop to the things that they expect from their partner. How do you recognise the signs of a high maintenance woman and how can you cope with one?

What is a high maintenance woman and are you dating one?

what is a high maintenance woman

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with a girl to work out whether or not she is high maintenance. In fact, it can often be fairly obvious from her appearance alone. The tell-tale signs include how immaculate their hair and nails are, whether they are carrying a designer handbag and if they look like they have just stepped out of a hair and makeup salon. The high maintenance girl tends to have much higher than normal expectations of herself and her partner and life in general. Now this can be manageable or it can be extreme and very demanding.

It’s not just about their appearance

A high maintenance girlfriend can be a real challenge in more ways than one. Not only do they cost a fortune (OK if you aren’t the one footing the bill) they can also be extremely demanding in other ways. This can be embarrassing in everyday situations like eating out or buying something from a shop. They can often be quite demanding of your attention as well. Not happy with their own company or confident in the fact that they actually look great, they may also need telling a lot how good they look. This is fine when you are new to a relationship but can soon get wearing for guys who don’t feel like they need to tell their girlfriend how fabulous they look all of the time.

High maintenance vs low maintenance girls

There are pros and cons to both high maintenance and low maintenance girls. In an ideal world, you want someone who falls somewhere in the middle. They care about their appearance but not to the extent that it is extremely expensive, time-consuming and all they think about to the extent of damaging their relationships. On the other end of the spectrum do you want someone that really doesn’t care how they look when meeting your work colleagues, your family or your friends.

High maintenance characteristics

Materialistic – like the finer things in life like designer handbags and aren’t afraid how this appears to others in some aspects but are consumed with their appearance.
Takes ages to get ready – if you are in a hurry you better make sure you tell her an earlier time to be ready for.
Constantly wants attention from you and reassurance that she doesn’t look fat or that the outfit she has chosen suits her.
Sometimes embarrassing, especially when she sends her dinner back three times in a restaurant for little reason.
• Despite all of this, they always look good and you are happy to be seen with them.

Low maintenance characteristics

• Sometimes not bothered about how they look – a problem when you are taking them to meet people. The flip side to this is that they are easier to please and don’t take ages to get out of the door!
• Not constantly seeking attention and reassurance from you but can sometimes appear aloof.
• Loves the simpler things in life and will be happy to have a takeaway and a film rather than a five-star restaurant although sometimes you may prefer to go out somewhere nice.

Some women embrace it

While some may be oblivious to their high maintenance traits there are some women that actually embrace it. Why shouldn’t they look great? They work hard, they lead busy lives and the way they look makes them feel good about themselves. If they work hard to pay for things then they command a certain level of service and respect. There are many benefits of always looking their best and expecting high standards from the people around them.

How to cope with a high maintenance girlfriend

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Are you ready for this type of relationship? Do you have the time and the patience and do the pros of dating this girl outweigh the demands on your wallet and your time? Can you cope with never having enough room in the wardrobe and the bathroom for your things as her perfume collection outweighs every toiletry you possess? Can you bear the demands for attention and the constant need, in some cases, for reassurance? Of course, this is all quite stereotypical and judgemental and you may be easy going and so in love that none of this matters but if you are already starting to wobble at the prospect then you need to be ready for what lies ahead.

Are they high maintenance or are you being lazy?

Of course, rather than assuming that it is her being high maintenance perhaps you need to assess whether she actually is or whether you are being lazy. Let’s be honest, much of the time guys like the easier option. Maybe the game is on and you don’t want to have to get into a conversation or pay constant attention to your girlfriend or perhaps you just don’t like spending your Saturdays waiting for her to have her hair or nails done. Is she really high maintenance or is she just expecting you to be the kind of gentleman that most women are after? If she asks you to tell her how she looks in something when you know she looks great, perhaps she just needs to hear it from you.

They say love is blind and in the early stages of your relationship you may just see the benefits of an attractive and high maintenance girlfriend and be dazzled by her beauty. Many relationships have that honeymoon period where everything is perfect for a period of time. It is only further down the line that her demands for your side of the wardrobe or all of the drawers in the bedroom will start to wear thin. If you are in love and determined to make this relationship work then you better be prepared for what lies ahead.