The Way to Win Her Heart is By Appealing to Her Funny Side

man kisses woman

Women want a guy who is sensitive. They also want men who are intelligent. And most importantly, they want a man who’s funny.

Why is being funny as important as the others? It’s because she knows that a guy who can make her laugh has the best chance of actually making her happy.

Why Is Being Funny Necessary?

Being funny isn’t only about being able to tell a great joke or a perfectly-timed innuendo. It’s also about having a sense of humor where whatever you say comes out naturally and not rehearsed. When we say women want guys who are funny, what we are saying is that a guy has to know when to laugh and how to let everyone in on the joke.

But, why?

Laughing releases endorphins which are hormones that are known to lower pain or rid of it completely. Most women don’t know the scientific reason behind it, but they are instinctually aware that a guy who can make them laugh is guaranteed to make her happier.

How You Can Start Being Funny

1. Don’t stress about your problems.

People who are unable to laugh often feel like they have no reason to do so. Some people are wrapped up in their own problems, or the happenings in the world around them. When you’re trying to appeal to a woman’s sense of humor, try to push back your problems and even find a little bit of humor in them.

2. Share your funny thoughts.

Whenever you think of something funny that you think the woman will like too, don’t be afraid to share the joke! Even if they don’t completely understand it, you have the opportunity to explain the joke. If they still don’t understand it or don’t think it’s that funny, at least they’ll have the chance to find some kind amusement simply because you find it funny.

3. Learn how to be funny from the professionals.

If you’re someone who has a hard time getting in touch with their inner comedian, why not take a few pointers from the pros? They do crack jokes for a living after all. Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you use their jokes, but mention one of the comedy shows to your date and maybe retell one of your favorite jokes from their skit.

4. Delivery isn’t a problem.

A lot of people feel like the only way you can tell a good joke is if you nail the delivery. Sometimes this is the case, but most of the time, it is all about how confident you are in telling that joke. Remember, humor is subjective and some people may or may not find the same things as funny as you do. It’s a real gift if you are able to point subjectively out why something is funny.