5 Ways to Know if She is Single or Taken


Unless you’ve been stalking the woman that you’ve been crushing on and saw the relationship status on her Facebook change to “single,” it can be a challenge working up the courage to ask her for this intimate bit of information. If you’re too shy, the very thought of just coming out and asking her could be too much to bear because the fear of rejection is just too palpable.

The only way you can truly be certain if a woman is taken or not is if she has a ring on her finger or they are actually with their special someone. Aside from these tell-tale signs, it’s hard to know if she is single or not. Sure, you could ask her, but as we mentioned, the mere thought of rejection could be too much to handle for some men.

Why Not Just Ask Her?

We’ve always been under the impression that men are programmed to make the first move and it comes naturally to them. While it does come naturally for some men, it doesn’t always work out that easily for others—especially if they approach an especially attractive woman, that fear of rejection is very real.

Why sometimes it isn’t the fear of rejection that gives men pause, sometimes the woman themselves make it hard for a guy to approach her. She may give off the “Don’t mess with me” vibe or she may not give him the impression that she is too open to the idea of dating. The only way you will know for sure is if you work up the courage to ask.

Be that as it may, we’ve got some tips that will help you determine if she is single, or at the very least looks single.

1. She makes eye contact. If she wants to have a conversation with you, she’ll probably make and maintain eye contact. She will ensure that the line of vision between you two is clear and she may even position her body toward you.

2. She smiles. She may not smile at you immediately, but if you make the first move and her face lights up, then she has probably been waiting for you to do that for some time.

3. She doesn’t make an excuse to leave the conversation. Some women who don’t want to talk to you will excuse herself to go to the restroom or find some other reason to leave the conversation. Single women who enjoy your company simply won’t do that—unless she really has to go.

4. She doesn’t shift her focus away from you. While you are having a conversation, does she focus solely on you? Some women who aren’t single will glance around the room first before settling to chat with you. Single women have no problem focusing on you to moment you sit down.

5. She doesn’t check her phone while chatting with you. Again, once she is in a conversation with you, her attention should be on you and no one (or nothing) else — including her phone.