6 Ways to Make Her Notice You

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You’ve met an amazing woman and she is everything that you’ve been hoping for. Of course you want to pique her interest and have her wanting to know more about you, but how do you do it? We’ve asked members of Flirt.com what has worked for them when they are trying to get a woman’s attention. Here are the top 6 responses.

  1. Slow Down

If you are walking up to a woman, or walking near her, slow down. You will want to slow your pace down and let your shoulders sway in a way that reads, “I’m relaxed and confident.” She will pick up on this and who can resist a confident man?

  1. Improve Yourself

Are you the best version of yourself? Most men do not take the time to improve themselves and because of this, they miss out on numerous opportunities to woo a lady. If you really want a woman to notice you, it starts way before you even meet her. Make sure you are wearing clothes that are clean and fit properly. Make sure you are nicely groomed. Your appearance is what she sees first, but you also want to take classes that will improve various aspects of your life. Just imagine how surprised she’ll be when she learns that you can cook an amazing meal.

  1. Speak Clearly and Use a Strong Voice

Before you start yelling at her, you want to use a clear and strong voice. This means enunciate your words, don’t speak too quickly, and make sure you breathe! Nerves have a nasty habit of sabotaging your efforts to sound manly and confident, so maybe try practicing how you want your voice to sound.

  1. Give Her All of Your Attention

When you are trying to get her attention, you have to give her all of yours. This means resisting the temptation to flirt with the woman across the room and it also means not paying attention to the commotion that may be brewing nearby. Maintain eye contact while talking with her and pay close attention to what she’s saying so you can ask the appropriate follow-up questions.

  1. Confidence: Fake It If You Have To

We understand that not every exudes confidence when he approaches a new woman. That’s fine. Your job is to convince her that you are confident, even if this means faking it. This means being deliberate with your conversation, holding your head high and shoulders back, and speaking clearly.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Tease Her

You may think that you have to watch what you say while in her presence, but the truth is you don’t have to hold your tongue too much. If you keep the jokes to yourself, you appear boring. Now this doesn’t mean you should crack jokes at her expense that will hurt her feelings, but you can tease her a little. This is the perfect opportunity to be flirty and gauge her sense of humor. Let’s not forget that teasing and humor will lighten the mood and the tension that may be lingering in the air could disappear.