Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend


Now listen up men, we are here to help you work out what to say and what not to say to your new or long-term girlfriend. If we are being honest, it can be a bit of minefield, so truly understanding what is and isn’t okay is super hard. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you covered every subject when you were dating her, there is still so much to uncover about her life and what she is interested in. If you don’t get much alone time with each other, then making the most of your time together is worth the effort. Make the most of finding new things out and you will be rewarded in the long run. So let’s begin!

Topics to talk about with your girlfriend

Knowing what conversations to have with your girlfriend can be a little stressful and as a result leaving you a bit confused. So here is some stuff to talk about with your girlfriend and conversation topics to get you started:

1. What are her favorite things at the moment? – keeping on track and interested in what she is loving at the moment really shows you care and will help in the long run, especially if you have special days or holidays coming up (such as Birthday’s and valentines day). It’s nice to feel a little more confident on what you are buying her.

2. Ask her about her work or school. Is she having any difficulties? Is she looking for a fresh wave of inspiration? Talking about this will allow her to vent her issues or triumphs and as a result, will allow her to feel so much more connected to you.

3. Does she have any family traditions? Talking about family is such a personal touch and talking about traditions can bring a nostalgic touch to the conversation. As well as this, when you are meeting the parents or visiting them, you will feel closer and more confident around them.

4. Ask her about her day. Such a simple task but so rewarding. She may have had the best day of her life, an average day or an absolutely horrible day. However, you will only find out if you ask. So make the effort and talk through her day with her.

5. Talk about traveling. Find out where she would like to travel to and by when. This can tell you a lot about her and may even allow you to surprise her with a trip away one day, and you never know, you two may have the same dream holiday destinations!

Follow our blog, if you are looking for some more topics like the ones mentioned above, and how each topic will allow your relationship to flourish.

Fun things to talk about with your girlfriend


Subjects to talk about your girlfriend with don’t have to be boring. Just because you may be struggling with some conversation starters doesn’t mean you have to stick to safe subjects. Interesting subjects to ask and talk to her about are:

• Ask her about any secrets she may have and is willing to share. This can break down a lot of tensions that could be around and as a result, create a stronger bond between the two of you.

Ask her about what she is looking for in her sex life. Staying on top of this subject can strengthen your relationship on the bedroom and as a result, strengthen your relationship in general. Ask her what she wants to try, what she doesn’t like and what she wants to try out next. Don’t be afraid to add some excitement to this part of your life.

• Something a little controversial but might be worth trying is asking her about her political views. This can be a very dangerous thing to bring up so approach it with caution. Hopefully, your views will match but if not this isn’t the end of the world! Be considerate and try to understand each other. You won’t always agree and this is a good learning curve if this does turn sour, but it will definitely let you feel closer to your girlfriend.

Have a good gossip. Chances are she will have some dirt on people on her life, or maybe even yours! So get gossiping as this can be a fun and innocent way to have a giggle with each other and find out what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Talk about her fears. Allowing her to openly talk about her fears in life can be a heavy but rewarding subject to discuss. Chances are you will be engaged in the conversation throughout and you will learn a lot about your girlfriend. It will also be nice for her to feel supported by you. But along with this, don’t try to force her to talk about anything that she isn’t ready for yet (as this will, unfortunately, have the opposite effect)

However, this only scrapes the surface of the interesting things you can talk about. Follow this for more fun conversation starters.

What not to discuss

Making sure you don’t discuss anything too controversial or sensitive can feel a little hit or miss depending on the type of girl you are talking to. So here are some full proof things to 100% avoid bringing up when dating and in a full-time relationship:

How much money you have or how much she has. This is a very personal thing and can come off a little strange if talked about too much. Try to avoid it unless you two are talking about moving in together.

Blaming her period on her mood swings. This is the biggest no go out there. She will not appreciate it and it will just make her even angrier. When a woman is going through her period this can come with many other symptoms such as cramps and migraines. Be considerate of the pain or discomfort that she may be in and give her some space until she has calmed down a little bit.

Avoid bringing up any old romances or ex-relationship. This can immediately make things awkward and will put a massive downer on the whole conversation. Just avoid it as it will make everything so much easier for both you and her.

Not validating her worries. If your girlfriend approaches you and says she is worried about one of your female friends don’t try and push it to one side. Validate her worries and discuss them with her. Work on this and see where you can go from there.

Don’t try to push a conversation onto her. If she clearly doesn’t want to open up about something or doesn’t want to talk about it further then don’t push your luck and drop the whole thing.

For more tips on what not say and more things you can mention, then follow this for the inspiration you need.

To round things up and clear it all up for you. Talking to your girlfriend should be a natural flowing thing, however, we appreciate that if you have been in a relationship for a long time or are new to all of this…things can feel a little awkward. So stick to relatively safe subjects, whilst also throwing in some new and exciting ones (and maybe even some naughty ones if the mood takes you). Keep it casual and unoffensive and you will be in the clear. Or if you want the responsibility of starting the conversation to fall onto your girlfriend instead, follow this blog to find out how to strengthen your communication skills.

Also, welcome to to expand your dating horizons!