Dating Advice Women Want Men to Know

smart guy

Guys, admit it; when it comes to what women really want in a partner, you are absolutely clueless. It’s okay though! Women have always wanted to give you fellas a glimpse into their minds, but they never knew how to broach the subject.

Until now. We decided to throw you a bone and ask the ladies of a popular dating website what it is that they wish all guys knew. Here are the results.

“If we are going out to dinner, you should know that I’ll be sampling some of your meal.” – Amanda J.

“I will be expecting you to open the door for me. This includes any car doors, doors to any building we go to, and of course, the bedroom door.” — Theresa G.

“If you want a second date, you better hope this kiss doesn’t suck. If it does, there will not be a second date for you.” — Katrina P.

“I overthink things—a lot. Please bear with me and stick through it.” — Brandi G.

“Even though I sampled your dinner, you will not get to sample my dessert. You better order your own—which I will sample.” — Megan T.

“Don’t think about doing the whole “three-day wait to call” rule. It will not make me think you are interested—in fact, I will be annoyed and won’t want to talk to you ever again. If you like me and want to spend time with me again, the sooner you tell me, the better off you will be.” — Jess A.

“My family is important to me, so you better get used to them quick. Oh, and my mom is my best friend so you’ll have to win her over in order to win me over.” — Paula P.

“If we are on a date and it’s not going well, I will go to the bathroom, tell a friend to call me in 10 minutes so I can rush out of there, claiming there is an emergency I have to take care. When this happens, don’t think about calling me.” — Michaela T.

“I understand that it is 2015, but you are still paying for dinner. I’ll buy drinks afterward, but dinner is all you.” — Britney Z.

“If you want to really wow me, focus on the small things. If I mention a favorite flower, don’t hesitate to pick up one (just one). If I am feeling down, bring me my favorite treat. These things may seem small to you, but when you do them, it shows me you pay attention to what I said.” — Angela C.

“Look, I know you’re hot and I’m sure other women notice it too. However, you don’t have to check yourself out in every window we walk past. Confidence and arrogance should not be confused with one another.” – Nicole D.

“Don’t give me the puppy dog eyes or get all whiny when I don’t want to get intimate. It is not a big deal and it probably doesn’t even have anything to do with you.” — Louisa M.