What Do They Find so Attractive About Them?

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Many outspoken women might tell you that men aren’t very interested in shy women.. In reality, guys aren’t unattracted to them; it’s quite the opposite.

Men tend to find these shy women mysterious and so intriguing, as opposed to more outgoing women. Many guys prefer not to date women who can’t stop talking about this or that. Being shy is an advantage, and you should use it to your benefit, and it’ll do wonders for your love life.

Top Reasons Why Men are Drawn to Shy Women

1. Shy Women Are Like a Puzzle

A man never knows whether or not he is doing anything right when he’s trying to impress her. This kind of cluelessness makes the chase more enjoyable for the guy. If you see that a woman is quiet, people get called her “shy,” It’s like a puzzle that needs to be solved. Lots of men enjoy women who are shy and need figuring out.

Shy women could be even more attractive due to this fact. For example, when everyone is constantly chatting, walking somewhere, making noise, the girl who stands alone attracts the most attention at a party. Some of the guys immediately come and get her out of place to communicate and connect closer. Also, there is a stereotype that guys like “good and shy girls”. Often, shyness is a synonym for 'goodness'.

2. Shy Women Tend to be a Little Intimidating

Yes, such girls tend to be a little intimidating because some men confuse it for arrogance — especially if you’re gorgeous. This can scare men away, but the worthwhile men will stick it out.

But there is one thing. While you are all such a cute and pretty shy person waiting for a guy to flirt with you, the guy could be confused by the arrogance and opt to hang out with other women who are more open and flirty.

And the most important thing. All this is very individual things, and it depends on a huge array of innumerable little details in the situation and the characters of two people. Therefore, you can use online dating to meet people, chat, and ask personal questions to avoid misunderstanding.

3. A Shy Woman is More Mysterious than Other Women

That is because her emotions are held close to her chest, and guys will try much harder to crack that tough shell. In general, you can see that often such women get a lot of attention as everyone immediately comes up asking and wondering about her emotional state. Even if a person is having fun, she just does not express her emotions fully.

Also, observation of everyone creates an effect of presence, working more powerful than actions sometimes. However, it also happens that she is not shy, but simply a person who does not know how to communicate. So in the dialogue, she may not shine but only show a charming silence, which also attracts lots of men.

4. Shy Women Tend to Be Cute & Sweet

We all know that macho men love to date a girly-girl. Such women are more feminine, sweet and cute. There are types of women written in popular media (not mutually exclusive) who attract men:

  • Sexy, mysterious, dark past, untouchable
  • Awkward and embarrassed
  • Constantly infantilized
  • And shy women who tend to be sweet and more feminine

Such women are usually associated with the words: poet, creative with her thoughts, feelings, sensual, kind, loving, patient, soft, sweet, vanilla, lavender. However, not everyone likes those things. That's why there are different women.

5. She is the Center of Her World

When a guy is trying to get to know a shy woman, he always knows that he is the center of her world. Well, he doesn’t have to worry whether or not his woman will have enough time for him. Outgoing women tend to have full plates, which can make dating hard. Also, some talkative girls seem so cool and friendly at first glance, but in fact, they have little to talk about, and they only talk about themselves. And here is the paradox. She seems to be pleasant, cheerful, and with a guy, they are unbearably boring.

A timid lady will not necessarily be just as laconic with closer communication. She does not necessarily have a fascinating conversation with a guy. And if there is something to talk about and an interesting person (and, most importantly, he will be interested in her too), her shyness will be overcome sooner or later. She will open to a person and you will feel great vibes.

In the end, sociability cannot fully determine human qualities. So this is not the main thing to pay attention at. But if we talk about most people, they are mainly attracted to friendly people as they are easier to contact and connect with.

6. Aggressive Women Are Better as a Friend

Men expect a woman to be different from him, and if she acts aggressively or like a tomboy around him, he may never even notice her as someone he’d like to date. Thus guys would appreciate dating a shy person. However, it depends on the degree of shyness and how you develop your further relationship. If you need to pull everything with ticks, it could be considered a hard relationship.

In general, the topic of relationships between men and women is becoming more acute. The famous psychologists are trying to find out why it’s so difficult for young and beautiful people to find a match. Based on people’s personal experience, too modest or overly talkative girls will not please many men. So it’s better to try to find the right balance.

7. Timid People Almost Always Seem Innocent

When a guy talks to a shy girl, he’ll be more intrigued by her youth-like innocence. Shy women, as a rule, are less open, and the less she is open, the more innocent she looks. Girls of this type keep emotions in themselves, and at one fine moment, it could break out, opening her heart.

She is unlikely to be rude to your friends and will fit perfectly into any company. Opposite to a talkative girl, most likely, she will not surprise you every day. For example, more emotional women are often “open”, so her soul is not a maze but rather a path from point A to point B. Besides, these girls do not always monitor their speech and can throw something unpleasant against your friend.

8. Woman Who Isn’t All that Shy in the Bedroom

A shy woman who isn’t all that shy in the bedroom might be every man’s dream come true. If you can be shy anywhere else but turn into a wild vixen in bed, he’ll probably be overwhelmed by those happy tears just to be dating a girl as awesome as you.

After a couple of dates, you will know her interests and delights. Ask her open-ended questions. So it will be easier to maintain a conversation. Besides, you motivate her to open up and share your thoughts with you, even about love. Some women are shy and submissive and don’t know what to say the first time. Some are naive and don’t know how to navigate sex conversations. You can ask her question to help out:

  • Ask questions from what kind of music she usually listens to and which cafes she likes to what activities she enjoys and her past relationships.
  • Questions should depend on the topic of conversation. No need to ask several unrelated questions in a row - this can confuse her.
  • For more detailed answers, it’s best to ask questions that begin with “how” or “why.” Next, you can bring more personal topics to the table.

Pay attention to her interests. If you start chatting, you will need to arrange a date based on her preferences.

9. Feeling More Protective Around a Shy Woman

Guys generally feel more protective when they are around a shy woman. They’ve always had a protective streak in them. When they’re with a shy girl, their protective instincts kick in stronger.

A couple start spending more time together. They find several reasons to be near each other. You need to be constantly present in her life, and that may bring strong feelings.

10. A Modest Woman Can Captivate Any Guy Simply by Talking to Him

Talk in a soft, low voice, and she won’t have to worry about sounding shy. Any man you’re talking to would probably be smiling wide and staring at you like a kid staring at an awesome toy through a window display.

First, you just need to try to make friends with her and choose several places where you can spend time together (several times a week) to be near and get closer to her.. And eventually, start dating!

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