Making a Girl Feel Beautiful the Right Way


Men often complain that women are hard to understand or work out but have you ever thought about how to tell a girl she is cute? Making a girl feel beautiful is all part of making her want you in a way that shows her that you appreciate her. It is a relatively simple thing to do but if you want to find out how to make a girl feel beautiful, you will need to do a number of things to get it right.

How to make your girlfriend feel beautiful

Pay Her Attention

If you often think “my girlfriend is beautiful” but feel as though she does not feel beautiful herself, you need to start thinking about how to convince your girlfriend that she really is beautiful. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to pay her attention.

Often men can disappear into their own world, leaving their girlfriend feeling as though it is all her fault. So, now is the time to begin paying attention to her because that is how to make a girl feel beautiful. Look into her eyes, be there for her and show her that she has your full attention.

Listen and Ask Her for Advice

Women love to discuss things and talk through problems and so, one way to tell a girl she’s beautiful is to listen to her and ask her for advice. When you listen to her, it will make her feel as though her thoughts and feelings are valued. This is because women need to discuss their problems, fears and feelings, so just being there for her to talk to will make her feel like a completely different person. So, ask her how her day has been and let her talk because that will really make a difference to the way she feels.

She also feels beautiful when you ask her for advice. She wants to be a part of your life and so, if you never ask her for advice, it can make her feel quite distant from you. You might be under the impression that she is not interested but that is not true, so ask her for advice when you need it because that is how to make her feel beautiful inside and out.

Pay Her Compliments and Show Her Physical Attraction


One of the good ways to tell a girl she is beautiful is to pay her compliments, something that is often lost in long-term relationships. Tell her how lucky you are to have her because she don’t think she’s beautiful but it is down to you to make her feel good. Don’t make it a regular thing because it won’t have the same impact but tell her when she is not expecting it. Next time you are sitting there watching a movie or simply driving along in the car, tell her how good she looks or how much you love her. You can tell a girl she is beautiful by showing her you are physically attracted to her. This is not about having sex but it is more about touching her, pleasing her and showing her that you are attracted to her. This is what she needs to feel beautiful and it shows her that you really are attracted to her.

You can stroke her hair, kiss her and cuddle her all of which will build up tension and lead to more but it never hurts to make her feel beautiful.

Spend Time Together

One of the most simple ways to tell a girl she’s beautiful is to spend time together. Often, daily life and routine can mean that you lost touch a little and that means that quality time is lost. So, prevent that from happening by arranging surprise dates or turning up to meet her after work. This is how to make a girl believe you when you tell her that she is beautiful.

You shouldn’t have to understand how to prove to your girlfriend that she is beautiful but it can help. So book her favourite restaurant, take her to the cinema or take her to a place that means something to her. She really will feel amazing when she realises the effort that you have put into it.

Give Her Small Gifts


You don’t have to go and buy her lavish gifts as a way of finding out how to convince a girl she’s beautiful. Every now and again, you can buy her small, simple gifts that show her that really value her and that you think of her. This could be a stunning bunch of flowers, her favourite chocolate or even cook a meal. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to buy her a gift because being with her is special. This is a way of showing her your intentions because she will appreciate you for doing it.

Build Relationships with Her Loved Ones

This is one that will really mean a lot to her and make her realise why she is beautiful, but if you form good relationships with her parents or friends then that will mean a lot to her. It will show her that you value her closest relationships just as much as you value your relationship with her and that will make her feel beautiful inside.

It Does Not Have to Be Complicated

Making a girl feel beautiful is not as difficult as it might seem because there are a number of ways in which you can do it. Showing her what you feel, making small gestures and surprising her when she is not expecting it will mean a lot to her. All of these things come together to make her feel valued and loved. It is an easy thing to do but when you do it, you will soon realise just how much it means to her.