What Do You Do When She Makes The First Move?


Yes, it is unconventional that a woman makes the first move. But it’s not really a shocker. If she’s into you, she’s into you. Take advantage of the opportunity. Don’t judge her by her looks, her age or wonder if she’s just desperate. And don’t assume that she’s trying to make an ex-boyfriend jealous or wonder if she’s doing it out of boredom. Get to know her before you let her leave without even asking for her number. Let’s look at why she would make the first move and how you should respond:

Understand Where She’s Coming From

If a woman asks you out or buys you a drink at a bar, don’t assume the worst. Give her a chance and see where she’s coming from. Conduct a subtle interview, asking her what she does for a living, is she on a business trip or lives nearby, ask her about her family and other regular questions without getting too personal. For example, you will not be asking her directly if she’s already seeing someone, or if you are a rebound. If all sounds good, ask for her number before she leaves.

She Is Looking For Mr. Right

Many times women resort to making the first move because they haven’t met their ideal man. This is common for women who are extremely attractive. They are so frequently hit on by other men that they aren’t able to differentiate the good from the bad. So, they pick out their own lamb from the herd. If a woman has approached you, maybe it’s because she thinks you are a catch!

She Has Never Been Asked Out

As weird as it may sound, some women are so attractive that men are intimidated by them and they never get asked out. Thus, when she sees someone she likes and even after sending all the right signals he doesn’t make the move, she decides to ask him out straight up. So, don’t be surprised if an attractive woman has asked you out. Instead, consider yourself lucky that you made the cut.

She’s Her Own Boss

Gone are the days when women used to be “wooed” by men. It’s not the 1920s anymore. Nowadays, women are climbing the corporate ladder and they don’t let life linger pass them as it happens. The modern woman has taken control of her life. She makes her own money and she pays her own bills. So, why wouldn’t she take control of her love life as well? Some women don’t really care about the men-making-the-first-move rule. If they see someone they like, they ask them out. So, if you have been approached by an attractive and confident woman, don’t miss the chance and get her number.

The Guy’s Too Shy

Maybe you do like this girl but haven’t had the guts to ask her out, so she’s just helping you out by making the first move. Well, that’s just great isn’t it? You didn’t even have to step out of your comfort zone to get a date. So, make sure you don’t blow her off with your shyness. If she has asked you out, make the most of it!