Relationship Advice for Men: Dating Rules You Need to Follow

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No two relationships are ever the same

Every relationship is different and there is no relationship rules book but that doesn’t mean that you should make it up as you go along. A relationship is based around two people sharing their lives with one another and so, they are a balancing act they require boundaries, yet some men get it wrong. For some men, getting it right or doing things right can feel slightly uncomfortable but they need to step away from that. When the time comes and they feel comfortable in a relationship, they need to know how a relationship should be in order to for it to stand the test of time.

Encourage her and listen to her

A relationship is not supposed to be an effort and they are certainly not supposed to drain the life out you both. If you are encouraging your women to live her own life and to be ambitious then you are clearly into her and this is really how a relationship should be. This is a sexy trait to have and what a woman wants from a man in a relationship. So, one of the rules of a relationship that you should follow is to encourage her because this will make you both happy. If you can both engage in each other’s lives and embrace the rewards, things will work out well for you both.

There are many beliefs that women want men to be their servants or carry out jobs when required but this is not the truth. In reality, all she wants from you is for you to be able to listen. Relationship advice for men can differ in many aspects but this is one of the pieces of advice that are true in every way. This will mean that she will expect you to show an interest in things that are bothering her just by listening to her and this why she expects you to know how to be a man in a relationship.

Respect boundaries and do what is right

Any respectful relationship will have some relationship rules in place because once you have built up that relationship based on attraction and understanding, you will need to understand her wishes and desires. If she doesn’t like you chatting flirtatiously with other women then refrain from doing it. If she has belief then you have to respect those beliefs. It does not mean that you have to follow them but you have to believe in her because these are boundaries that cannot be crossed.

Relationships are complex and so are people. Therefore, you will never work her out, it is impossible. Therefore, all you need to do is do what is right and make the choices. Nobody is perfect and you won’t always get it right but you have to try to be as good as you possibly can be. The reality is that she will pay the price for any bad decisions that you make and that could lead to her questioning the relationship if it becomes that bad. So, think about your actions and how they can affect her.

Focus on the basics but make sure you date

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A top relationship tip for men is to ensure that you cover the basics. Make sure that the bills are paid and clean the house and ensure that you have financial stability. Even if you live together you are not housemates, so everything has to work in tandem. Once you get the basics in place, you can then focus on what matters, such as dating. This is one of the most important rules of a relationship because it is too simple to fall into the trap of doing nothing. So don’t. Don’t be afraid to spend money on doing things together and experience new things together. Boredom can pick apart a relationship at the seams, so keep it fresh an exciting.

Have freedom but integrate others

In a relationship, you are one. A unit. A team. However, you are still your own people and you should both have the freedom to do what you want both personally and professionally. Give
each other space to grow and flourish because too much time together can prove to be counter-intuitive.

While you should have your freedom, it is important to bring others into your life. Make sure you get to know her parents, build a relationship with them and meet her friends. It is always great if you get on with everyone but we are all different, so even if you come across someone you dislike, simply make an effort. Remember that they all want you to be happy, so don’t listen to others and make her realise that those that she loves, mean a lot to you also.

All of this comes down to communication

Everything that has been said before form some of the rules of a relationship but underpinning all of this is communication. Often, people are afraid of communicating how they feel and what they are thinking. For men to give themselves the best chance of having a successful relationship they have to communicate because that means a lot to her. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings and your emotions.

Men believe that they have to be macho and that they have to portray an image of strength and courage when in reality, it should be the other way around. Once you let your feelings go and communicate openly, your relationship will go from strength to strength. You will both have a clear idea of what want and how you are going to get it.

So don’t make it up as you go along. At least try to follow some rules and all will work out right in the end.

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