How to Choose Between Two Girls

man choosing between two women

If you have been dating and meeting new people then there is every chance that you have a number of women who you like. After all, the fun of dating and meeting new people is that you can leave yourself with as many options as you can handle because that is all part of the fun of dating. However, you might have found yourself in the position where you are now torn between two girls and don’t know which one to choose. Naturally, you will not want to get it wrong and that means that you need to think about many different things, in order to help you make the right decision. Some people might think that having to choose between two people is exciting and it is, but the time has come for you to pick your favourite woman, so who will you pick and how do you make that decision?

Choosing Between Two Women Tips

Make a List

This might sound a little over the top but making a list can really help when it comes to making a difficult decision such as choosing between two lovers. You might find that one lover has certain positive aspects to her while the other makes you happy in other ways and so, a list can really work wonders.

So begin by creating a list of two columns for each lover and then begin by writing down all of the positives for each. Once you have completed this list you can then begin to do the same on another list, where you identify the negative points. This is a simple and effective way to find out what you really like about them while giving you the chance to compare the two. You will need to do this using pen and paper because that ensures that all of the points you make really resonates with you. Every reason that you can think of, regardless of whether it is good or bad will feel more real when you write it down.

However, it does not matter how your list looks, even if one woman has more positives because this is all about thinking about both of them and what they mean to you. One might have the positives that you like in a woman despite having fewer positives than the other.

When you see it all written down in front of you, you will find that you are not torn between two girls as much as you think you might be.

Speak to Friends and Family

It is not the responsibility of your friends and family to make a decision for you but having their input can make it easier when it comes to choosing between two women. So, don’t avoid making a decision by putting the responsibility onto your family. Despite this, your friends and family can provide you with a sounding board where you can inform them of what you are thinking and feeling.

They will be able to see that you are torn between two girls and so, they might make some valid points that relate to things that might not have noticed. Perhaps they see that you are happier with one of them than the other and so, that can help you to make a better decision. Your friends and family might have had separate conversations with them and that means that they have more personal feelings about them. So, you will need an open mind and be prepared to hear things that you don’t want to hear but that will enable you to take a more critical approach to your relationship with them.

Think About Your Feelings and Needs

It can prove difficult when it comes to understanding how to choose between two girls but it can help if you think about your feelings.

There is no doubt that someone is going to get hurt because you cannot please them both but you are going to have to consider your feelings because this is the only way that this is going to end as well as possible.

You need to think about how the decision will impact you and how you can avoid putting yourself in a bad position when it comes to your feelings. So, you will need to be selfish and think about how to choose between two women and come out of it smelling of roses. If you are concerned that one will take it harder than the other but she is not the one that you want, you will have to make that decision and not worry about how she feels. It is important that you think about yourself first.

Determining your specific needs is also part of this process because being in love with two women is all about identifying your needs. Are you looking for someone who has a good job and earns a high wage or are you looking for someone purely based on their looks? Do you enjoy spending more time with one than the other? All of these needs form part of your decision-making process but your needs are really what matters here.

Love is Never Easy But You Can Make the Right Decision

If you feel as though having to choose between two girls is a bad position to be in then you need to realise that it could be worse. Love is never easy but having two girls on the go means that you are going to have to sacrifice one for the other. Yes, you are going to hurt feelings and you are going to cause upset but eventually, everyone will find happiness. What you need to realise is that you are looking for the right woman for you, so you need to get it right. It won’t be easy but once you make the right decision, you can then look forward to a bright future with the woman that you truly love.

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