Living on the Edge: Dating Two People at Once


The thought of being in a relationship with one person can be a daunting prospect never mind dating two people at once! However, there are some people out there who just cannot commit to monogamy, and find great pleasure in the pressure of juggling more than one relationship.

Is Dating More than One Person a Risk Worth Taking?

Surprisingly, there are many individuals out there who find that dating two people at once gives them an electric drive of adrenaline. In addition, there are a number of benefits including sex with not just one but two people, and spending time with two completely different personalities each with their own sets of likes and characteristics. And let’s face it, if you’re going to go all out and date two people at once, you may want to mix it up on the looks front – it might be nice to have a fiery redhead for some heated fun and a vivacious blond for that little bit of oomph.

But while it does all sound exciting and adrenaline-infused, if you end up falling for one of your partners, things could become slightly complicated. The stronger your feelings become can make being in two relationships risky business as someone is bound to get hurt in the end.

Are You Falling in Love?

Have you already got yourself in too deep, and are beginning to find that you’re falling for one (or even two!) of the individuals that you’re dating? If so, it can be a tricky situation. You need to think about what attracts you to each of them; consider making a list of pros and cons on each of the prospective partners to try and simplify it down to who would be the best partner to stay with for the long term. If it’s too hard a decision to make, try hard to avoid continuing dating two people at once. If you’re struggling to choose between the two, it might be the right time to call it a day and move on to find a partner who satisfies you entirely so that you don’t feel the need to seek out other partners.

Is the Cat out of the Bag?

If you find yourself in the very awkward and difficult situation whereby one the individuals that you’re dating have actually found out about the other, this can cause major problems. The best thing to do is to throw your hands up and admit you’re in the wrong. Sincerely apologize and move as now staying with either one of these people could lead to resentful and toxic situations down the line. Let’s be honest here – if you cared deeply about one of the people you were dating, you wouldn’t have ended up getting involved with someone else at the same time.

Avoid Dating Two People at Once

Essentially, to avoid hurting anyone (including yourself) it may be a good idea to avoid dating any more than one person. Just get out there and have fun!