Why Women Sleep with Married Men

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The reasons that women sleep with married men?

A controversial subject but let’s talk about women that have affairs with married men and men that cheat on their wives. Much as many of us want to live in a world where infidelity doesn’t exist and everyone believes in the fairy tale, it is a fact that there are women who sleep with married men and whether we like it or not infidelity is something that much you may disagree with happens a lot. By why do women sleep with married men and what do they hope to get out of it? Is the woman to blame, is it a lack of morals and is it ever OK to sleep with a married man?

Why do women have affairs with married men?

For some women, sleeping with married men is about sex, pure and simple. Maybe they have been in a relationship for a while and are just getting over it but miss the companionship or sex or perhaps they are just too busy for a relationship and all of the commitment that goes along with it. While single men may be up for the whole “casual sex” thing, there is far less chance of a man getting emotionally attached and getting carried away when a man has a wife to consider. That’s not to say that women only sleep with married men on a casual basis but for those who actively seek married men, this is often the reason. Sometimes women just want a man because he is not single. They like the challenge and the thrill of the chase and regardless of what damage it may do, they will stop at very little to get what they want. Of course, not every woman is like this but unfortunately some are.

Why does a woman want to sleep with a man who cheats?

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You may be wondering why a woman wants to have sex with a married man or why men have affairs but there are a number of reasons.

Casual sex without the commitment
• Too busy with work or children for a relationship
• Other priorities – if she has children they will come first
• She has been hurt or let down in the past
• Still trying to figure out what she is looking for
• Just because he is isn’t single

This list isn’t exhaustive but gives you an idea of why some women want to sleep or have an affair with a married man.

Does a woman not want her own guy?

Sleeping with a married man is easy from a practical perspective. No needy men wanting to know your every move, where you are, who you are with and not having any claim over you. You can be yourself, get on with your life and enjoy sex and companionship on your terms. There is the opportunity to have this with a single guy but it often works better with a married man who has no demands or expectations of you.

What do married men want from affairs?

Now there are a number of reasons why men have affairs. They may not get along well with their wives, perhaps they stay together for the sake of the children and live separate lives, maybe they have an agreement to see other people. They just want someone that makes them feel wanted or needed and perhaps they aren’t getting that at home.

How can they cheat on their wives?

You may automatically assume that the man is a dirty, cheating scoundrel who wants to have his cake and to eat it but it is not always that cut and dry. While some absolutely believe in the sanctity of marriage, people are only human. The heart wants what the heart wants and desires are often hard not to give into. There may be practical reasons that they no longer sleep with their wives like the fact that she simply won’t sleep with him or she has some sort of illness like dementia where she no longer knows who he is. It is very easy to judge when you are outsider with an opinion.

When two people meet and connect

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Of course, while some women may actively seek a man for a casual, sexual relationship, there are other women who sleep with married men for other reasons. Often affairs can happen in the workplace when two people spend a lot of their time together and develops feelings and emotional connections. They never start intentionally but one thing leads to another and before either party knows it they are embarking on an affair. It’s not always about sex. Sometimes two people can become intimate before they even have sex and they don’t realise what they are getting into.

Is it ever OK to sleep with a married man?

This is a very ambiguous question that can have a multitude of answers. Essentially, married people take vows – for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part… these vows are taken by two people who are making a commitment to each other but unfortunately, for a number of reasons, it is not always as simple as staying married and committed to one person however much you want it to be the case. Sometimes marriages breakdown irreparably or there are reasons why married men go looking for women to have sex or affairs with. Some people may decide to stay together for the sake of children, appearances or financial reasons while other times the marriage unfortunately ends. Every case is different and everyone’s reasons for infidelity vary.

At the end of the day, everyone is going to have an opinion about married men sleeping with women whether it is their business or not. If you are sleeping with a married man and people know about it, expect to be judged. If you are doing it discreetly and no one is going to get hurt or found out then you have far less chance of being judged. If the man you are having an affair with has the blessing or permission of his wife then you can conduct your business with a clear conscience. At the end of the day, everyone has their own lives to lead and their own decisions to make.