Three Reasons Why Women Cheat with Married Men


The Thrill

The reasons why women cheat can be few or many. Some may start out with the intention of doing so, others may not. But when they do find out, they often continue. Why is this?

The thrill is definitely one possible reason for why women cheat. The excitement at the potential of being caught, the knowledge that it will be the man who has a lot more to lose should the secret get out, the intimacy of sharing a secret that no one else can know about. All can be rather thrilling and would certainly give most women an adrenaline rush.

This thrill can even be intensified for some women when the spouse of the married man finds out — whilst some women love the thrill of the secret and the creeping around, others like the thrill of knowing they’ve been caught out and that they’ve snared the man.

The Freedom

Cheating with a married man only brings to light how much freedom the woman has in comparison to the man. Whilst he has a spouse at home, she has the freedom to still date whoever she likes should she want to as he would be a hypocrite to stop her when he has a woman at home. This suits women who like to date multiple men at a time as there is no room to get jealous — and even if the men do, there’s nothing they can do about it.

This freedom also extends to what the pair get up to when they see each other. A married man isn’t likely to visit places with his mistress that he would with his wife so the mistress is often treated to weekends away, a secret apartment in the city — a freedom and a luxury she could probably ill afford on her own.

The Security

Security seems like a bizarre reason but it is one reason for some women. Whether it be financial security — living in an apartment paid for by the married man so they have somewhere to meet or being given cash as gifts to go and treat herself — or emotional security — knowing someone cares for her and she them without being completely tied down and knowing she can remove herself from the situation at any time — having that knowledge that there is that security behind her can be very invigorating and perhaps even liberating.

Knowing that the married man will do anything to keep the secret is also security in itself. Whilst some women enjoy the thrill of cheating with a married man and would be happy to shout the news from the rooftops, some are a little ashamed of the situation they are in – even though they do nothing to stop it. Knowing that the married man has so much to lose should this information ever get out means the woman, if ashamed, is secure in the knowledge that their secret is safe between the two of them.