4 Crystal Clear Reasons You Should Date More Than One Guy at a Time

1 girl & 2 guys

Yes, it’s a controversial subject. People who don’t maintain monogamous relationships are strongly judged as commitment-phobes, immoral or even liars. While being monogamous in long-term relationships is absolutely essential to build trust and respect, it doesn’t have to be exclusive when you are not even sure of the guy you are dating. Dating multiple people will give you a chance to really find your Mr. Right. It’s like trying on different dresses before you finally purchase the one you like the most.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should date more than one guy at a time:

1. Play the Field

When dating, women look for the most compatible person who has the same interests as them. While it’s great to date someone you have more in common with, you are not taking on any new challenges.

Step out of your comfort zone and mix it up a little, because opposites do attract. They bring a different set of flavors into your life and you might find someone who really excites you.

2. Keep an Open Mind

Women have a fairly good idea of the kind of guy they are looking for. Maybe he should be a doctor, or have blonde hair or be a swimmer, but the fact of the matter is that you won’t know what personality traits in your partner will make you happy until you experience it. Maybe dating a nerdy computer programmer will be more fun and adventurous than you ever imagined. So, never make up your mind before you date someone. Always give the guy a fair chance to sweep you off your feet. On each of your first dates, try to connect with the guy and it will become apparent if he will make the cut or not. Eventually, the list of guys will trickle down to your Mr. Right.

3. Be Honest

Many women avoid dating multiple men at a time because they are afraid of getting caught in an awkward situation. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you are meeting a guy for the first time, just be yourself. If the topic of exclusivity comes up, you don’t have to be deceitful. Let them know that you are seeing other people and you are keeping your options open until you meet someone who is right for you. This way, when you finally meet the right person and want to make it exclusive, it will be much easier to break it off with the other people you were dating.

4. You Have the Choice

Women who date one guy at a time tend to fall in love too quickly. They are putting all their time and energy into one relationship that may not even last. After realizing that the two of you aren’t suited for each other, the breakup can be pretty harsh. On the other hand, dating multiple men will allow you to separate the good from the bad and eventually, you will end up with the best.